The first resolution of the Communist Party of China on Women’s Sports

The first resolution of the Communist Party of China on Women’s Sports

Original title: The first resolution of the Communist Party of China In 1920, Li Dazhao, Cai Husi and other revolutionary pioneers issued an article in "new youth", calling on women to break through feudal etiquette, and set up their own spirit and strive for their own liberation. In September 1921, the Chinese Women’s Communist Party, which is leading the "New Youth" published "Reform Deconstruction", clearly proposes: "Ask the woman to get in all schools, and the man is subject to equal education, asking women to have the right to elective rights, The right to be elected and engaged in other political activities, equal pay for men and women, followed by helping adult women, all speech behaviors are not covered by parents, Weng Gun, and after the release of the Declaration, Cai Hesen, Li Da, China Send a number of meetings, research, and explore the purpose of "women’s movement", development direction, etc. According to collective discussions, a report on women’s movements was proposed to prepare for the Second National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

In July 1922, the party’s "two" considered adopted the "resolution on women’s movements" (hereinafter referred to as "resolution"), showing that the cognition of the "Women’s Sports" is no longer limited to men and women equality, economy Independent, freedom of marriage, etc. According to the "resolution", the Chinese Women’s Federation founded the first institution to report "Women’s Sound", Li Da, Cai Hi Sen, to write, prepare and interpret, publicize the "resolution", Shao Lizi, Shen Zemin, Shen Ying Waiting for a well-known person to send a manuscript that supports the "resolution" multiple times in "Women".

Soon, party organizations such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and other cities have also founded newspapers and magazines such as "Women’s Weekly" "Friends" "Female Star". According to statistics, from 1922 to 1927, the Chinese Communist Party’s leadership published women’s newspapers, magazines, more than 18 species, these newspapers and periodical guides clearly, the position is firmly promoted the party’s political proposition and women’s movement, in evoking women awakening, promoting women’s liberation process Plays a huge role. In 1922, Shanghai Xinzhu, Zhabei, a weaving factory, spinning mill Lin Li, there is more than 1 million female workers, they work 14-15 hours a day, often suffer from the forecast of the forefront, the female workers have a resentment, anger burn. To the police, they often go deep into the middle of the female worker, and the spirit of the revolution and the spirit of the "resolution", motivating them to unite, and reboot.

On August 5, the same year, under the planning, leadership, the Thai silk factory took the lead in strike, requiring capitalists to reduce workers, increase salary, not to fight. The feat of the female worker is like the original star fire, less than two days, Yu Chengshi Factory, Fengshui Factory, Yujing Textile Factory and other 14 factory whatever female workers have strike.

For a time, Shanghai Bohe Yun Yun Yun, the voice of strike struggles, the Chinese Women’s Federation, Huayong Community Association, and Industrial and Commercial Friendship Association, "Textile Workers Support Group", providing female workers with economical and material support.

The strike lasts for 16 days, and finally forced capitalists to agreed the workers’ requirements. After the "resolution", the Chinese Communist Party leads the first victory of women’s struggles. The first "resolution of women’s movements" is the program of the national conditions of China. It has established a goal for women’s movements, indicating the direction, guiding and operability, and play a positive role in promoting women’s liberation. .

The China Office issued the "Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the National Supervision of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection"

The China Office issued the "Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the National Supervision of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection"

Recently, the Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was issued by the Party Central Committee. The Party Central Committee decided that on the basis of the obvious effectiveness of the supervision, the party’s 18th National Congress has further deepened the reform of the National Supervision and Communications Institutions and the Perfection of the Standard Supervision System, and the struggle to promote the strict treatment of the party and the anti-corruption struggle A strong guarantee is provided in depth development.

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China made a strategic deployment of the party and the national supervision system, and proposed the target task of building a unified command, comprehensive coverage and authority and efficient supervision system.

"Opinions" pointed out that the deployment supervision is under the leadership of the Party Central Committee, strengthens the important form of the top-down organization supervision, and has a very important role in the party and national supervision systems. It is guided by Xi Jinping’s new era, and fully implements the spirit of the 19th National Congress and 19th Central, Third Plenary Session of the 19th National Party and the Third Plenary Session, closely around the core of the General Secretary of Xi Jinping, the core status of the whole party, Focusing on the maintenance of the central authority and centralized leadership of the party, adhere to the steady and advancement of the total tuning, reform the leadership system of the station, improve the supervision work mechanism, give the parcel organization, deepen the transfer, transfer mode, turn the wind, improve The supervision of the oversee coverage, transforming the system advantage into governance effectiveness, achieving comprehensive deepening reforms, and comprehensively governing the country and comprehensively from the provision of organic unity.

"Opinions" emphasized, and comprehensively strengthen leadership of the parliament. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission is an important part of the National Supervision and Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, which is directly leading, unified management. To establish a unified leader of the Standing Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the National Supervision and Communications of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Deputy Director of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (Standing Committee), deputy director of the National Supervision Committee (member), the relevant functional departments are responsible, coordinated the leadership system, strengthening Guidance, management, service, and guarantee for the station agency.

"Opinions" clearly promoted the system of strict treatment of party political responsibility, establishing regular meetingors, income reports, clues, joint investigation, joint supervision and discipline, and joint investigation, joint supervision and discipline The effective carrier forms a working pattern of the same direction, collaborate interaction.

The parking agency should focus on supervising this first duties, strengthen the supervision of the resident Party Organization, focus on obeying the party regulations and constitutional laws, and implement the party’s route policy and resolutions, and ensure that the party’s central government is unobstructed. Give the Office of the Office, the station is necessary to perform the responsibility of the supervision and discipline in accordance with the party constitution and other party regulations, and in accordance with the Constitution and the Supervision Law, implement the supervision and survey of the supervision and survey, monitoring full coverage.

Improve the work mechanism of review and investigation, strengthen the problem of problem clues centralized and unified management, improve the coordination of review and investigation, coordination of cases, major case supervision mechanism.

Classification and Stick promotes the reform of university discipline inspection and supervision system in middle management enterprises, the central management of financial enterprises, party committee secretaries and principals. The "Opinions" emphasized that the National Supervision of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection will study the major issues in the reform, and strengthen the construction and service guarantee of the station institutions. All departments of the central and state organs should actively cooperate, consciously support the station to ensure that the tasks of reform are implemented. It is necessary to adhere to the party’s political agency, to serve supervision as the functional positioning of political supervision, strengthen political construction, strengthen political actions, strengthen capacity building, strengthen management supervision, and build loyalty and clean-assigned agency cadres.

(Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 30).

Science and Technology: strive to develop more and new detection technologies and new products

Science and Technology: strive to develop more and new detection technologies and new products

People, Beijing, August 5 electric (Zhaozhu Qing) routine policy at the State Department briefing held this morning, the Ministry of Science transformation and Regional Innovation Division package Xianhua said the new crown pneumonia detection technology, the recent focus on Science and Technology research, accelerate fast nucleic acid detection, high sensitivity such as product development, while increasing antigen detection, non-contact detection, and other product development, rich detection means. Package Xianhua said that in the normalization of the situation in epidemic prevention and control, detection technology has become an important means to achieve the "four early" requirements. Deployment requirements in accordance with the State Council, focus on accelerating the ability to enhance the detection system, the ministry will continue to increase research and development on the one hand, with special emphasis on the role of the market mechanism to play a good key enterprises and technological advantages, and strive to develop more new detection technologies and new product.

On the other hand, increase application and demonstration of advanced technological achievements, actively meet the conditions of related technology products to recommend to the relevant departments and local, to better serve the needs detected in the normalization of the prevention and control of the situation. Package offer Jieshao, according to the current testing needs, recent scientific research focus on the following four aspects: First, accelerate quickly seized nucleic acid product research and development research. Attention is focused on the detection time detection products in about 30 minutes, there are already several research projects are being stepped up in advance, before the autumn and winter strive to have a new snapshot complete product development and licensure. Second, accelerate higher sensitivity and greater throughput detection of product development. In terms of sensitivity, focus detection limit of 100 copies per ml of product, and digitize PCR product detection techniques, primarily to meet the needs of this aspect is a low viral load testing of asymptomatic infection. At the same time, speed up the detection of a greater throughput of product development, achieve rapid detection of the control of local outbreaks, you should check to make inspection.

Third, accelerate the development of antigen detection products. With respect to the detection antibody, antigen detection products can be detected earlier, and can be used as direct evidence of the existence of a new virus crown, so to speed up the antigen product development, will help enrich our detection techniques.

Fourth, focus on other types of detection methods. New technologies such as wearable intelligent detection equipment, non-contact detection of signs of an integrated system, new product development, existing as an effective means of detection supplement, reduce the pressure detection. While strengthening the emergency research-oriented long-term, on the one hand, the ministry has been deployed to strengthen the research and technology base of core components, raw materials, mainly to solve the bottleneck detection products key part of our technology constraints. On the other hand, according to the multi-line detection technology, the constant changes in alternative features will keep track of a number of advanced technical route, there are major technological breakthrough disruptive technologies, timely development into the system to support, build competitive advantage for the future detection.

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Stick to "The Justice for the People" continuously solves the troubles, troubles, and worry

Stick to "The Justice for the People" continuously solves the troubles, troubles, and worry

Moderator: Strive to be a dragonfly, engage in new journey.Hello everyone, here is a series of interviews launched by Fuzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate and People’s Network Fujian Channel.Today, the guests in our studio are Wu Shi, secretary of the People’s Procuratorate of Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, and the procurator-General.Hello, Hello, welcomes you!Wu Shishi: The host is good, everyone is good!Moderator: In the "Large Study Day Discussion" activity, how does the Cangshan District People’s Procuratorate conduct related work?Wu Shishi: Fuzhou People’s Procuratorate attaches great importance to the development of the city’s second-level procuratorate activities. Many convenings will be held to understand the stage of progress, put forward guidance opinions, and Fu Jianfei’s prosecutor proposes to implement "three concepts" in the procuratorial handling case.Ask, think more, do more, put it to the people’s ideas, pragmatize, and enhance the masses’ judicial gains with more prosecution.

The deployment requirements of the Namshan District People’s Procuratorate, mainly compared the insufficient short board in the judicial concept of renewal, service guarantee overall, the judicial handling, the procuratorial team construction, etc., further proposes improvement measures. We combine the "old foreign-employed doctors" to promote the level of governance levels in the "old foreign-employed doctors", which is the difficulty, blocking point, pain point for the four major fields of the elderly, foreign population, vocational school students, medical treatment. Governance, with point, enhance the judiciary for migrant workers. Recently, we have cooperated with the old universities of Cangshan District. "For the service development overall features of the power point, I hope to play the appeal of the prosecutive function to enhance the attraction of China and higher vocational schools, and promote a good atmosphere of the development of vocational education. Next, we will continue to force, further hit the university’s entrepreneurial god, and promote the "big learning discussion" activities to achieve the real effect. Moderator: Maintaining people’s rights is the fundamental task of procuratorial work, in recent years, the Cangshan District People’s Procuratorate has mainly doing what work in this area? Wu Shishi: The procuratorial organ as the legal supervision authority under the party’s leadership, safeguarding people’s rights and interests is the fundamental task of prosecution, all of our procuratorial work is around "administration to the people."

Taking a public welfare litigation as an example.

In recent years, the Cangshan District People’s Procuratorate continued to force in the procurator of public welfare litigation and achieved some positive results. For example, we combined with the special location of Cangshan, explored the characteristics of "Shanshui" "Sour" as the main line.

In terms of state-owned property protection, this year we realize a new breakthrough in this field, and handled the case of urging the occupation of cultivated land, soil and water and water retention compensation fees, urged the trailing, the farm occupation tax, etc. of the jurisdiction, and paying in the library . In terms of ecological environmental protection, we actively play the functional role of prosecutive contact room in the River Warehouse office in Cangshan District, and focus on the corner of the river in the jurisdiction, focusing on the environmental pollution problems around the river, garbage landfill, and promoting illegal Occupy of rivers and other chaos. In the new field, in the city’s first unlicensed vending machine, the blind road damaged, the clinic is damaged, the clinic is not subject to public welfare lawsuits. These are only some of our daily surges, we will continue to adhere to the people’s nature of the judiciary, constantly solve the workers, troubles, and worry.

Moderator: The rule of law is an important relying on the national governance system and governance.

In recent years, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate has launched a series of new ideas, new initiatives, you combine our daily work, give us what changes in the current procuratorate in participating in social governance? Wu Shishi: The most obvious is that many prosecutors have used to handle the case, the machinery handling case, from the beginning of the case, and only the case, only satisfied with the case process is complete.

Now, the prosecutor is more focused on the front and back end of the tentacles forward movement, v.

I will give an example of the procuratorial work of minors.

About 1.15 million in Cangshan District, with a total of 40% of the floating population, more than 200 schools, no adult students have about 150,000, and the heat of minors protects the problem has been high for many years.

Our minor procuratorial work, from the original "arrest, v. Concentrated, the launch of minors procuratorial work is gradually deepening. We have found that the crime rate of students in the existence of Chinese high vocational colleges in the jurisdiction, and the common crime is highlighted, and the crime of family students in single-prince and foreign migrant workers is relatively high.

Therefore, we put forward the ideas and specific implementations in 2019, promote the leadership of the District Political and Legal Committee, together with 37 units in the United District, form the construction of the Cangshan District Protection Alliance, carrying out precision prevention, after more than two years of efforts, and the criminal case of vocational school students Obviously decline.

Since this year, there have been 8 pieces of criminal cases in vocational schools. The number of pieces, 33%, 76%, respectively. Moderator: We know that there are many characteristic highlights in the procuratorial work in the past recent years. Can you introduce us? Wu Shishi: In recent years, the Cangshan District People’s Procuratorate continued to force in the highlight of the Tree Procuratorate. We have made a lot of work in the special struggle of sweeping and evil, the maintenance of migrant workers, and the protection of cultural heritage protection. This year, the police of our hospital "The National Sweeping Defense Excellent Fighting"; "We have increased its efforts to refuse to pay labor remuneration cases, and is rated as" Radical Arrears of Songgong Workers’ Wage Work "by Fuzhou Municipal Government. We combined with Fuzhou Procuratorate to establish a Fujian Procuratorate "Fuzhou Ancient" procuratorate public welfare demonstration base in Cangshan Yantai Mountain Historical Strong Area, which is currently being actively coordinated.

Moderator: Ok, due to time relationship, the interview here is close to the end here, thank you Wu’s inspect.

Wu Shishi: Thank you for the host, thank you! Moderator: Thank you for your concern, will! (Wang Yu, Zheng Wei) (Editor: Wu Zhou, Zhang Zijian) Sharing Let more people see client downloads.

Taking the "Red Collar Academy" leads party building talents, insisting on cultivating in "fine"

Taking the "Red Collar Academy" leads party building talents, insisting on cultivating in "fine"

Party Book Reading Room.

People’s Guidian Tong Photographed Jilin Herangrang in accordance with the characteristics of enterprise employee, often organizes the knowledge of persons with disabilities, promotional publicity, sign language training class, transportation food safety training, set up disabled workers, and enhance employee labor skills and knowledge levels.

Jilin is also established a party building and reading platform, party building book reading room, etc., adding books that make it easy for disabled people to read books, enhance children’s readings, and facilitate intellectual disabled workers to read learning.

In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprise employees, Jilin Tsuen Party has also established the party members’ demonstration posts and excellent recommendation awards. Through various commendations and cadres promotion conferences, the enthusiasm of the party members, forming advanced people, people fighting advanced Atmosphere.

In recent years, it has attracted more than 30 well-known university talents to settled in the development of people’s development.

Social responsibility highlights "taste", enhances corporate social effects, and brand effect "Red Collar Academy" leads the development of enterprises through party construction, while guiding enterprises to actively undertake social responsibility, and send organization’s concern care and social warmth to the masses.

Jilin is involved in the local village Party organization to implement "organized joint construction", and signed products from poor farmers through the "labor cooperation" and other means of "breeding cooperation", helping farmers an average of more than 30,000 yuan.

Actively organize natural disaster contributions to help more than 30 poor students solve problems in the school, and donate a total of 10,000 yuan during the epidemic.

In the case of care for disabled, Jilin ginseng specially insisted that the pure manual "Disabled Workshop", receiving more than 800 disabled people, party members regularly give technical guidance and life help, 1 disabled workers have become a formal party member, realized Enterprise Economy and Social Benefits "Win – win". Changchun Wide City will continue to improve the "Red Collar Academy" functional preconservation, strive to cultivate more non-public field building talents, and make new and greater contributions to non-public government construction and private economic development. (Editor: Guan Si Cong, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.

Technology helps winter and Olympics security

Technology helps winter and Olympics security

[] Recently, 2 universal disinfection cabinets transported by Beijing Customs arrived at the National Stadium installation and commissioning and put it on site. The new business manager of the National Gymnasium said: "This can solve the urgent need for the murder of the small-winning items of the Winter Olympics, which is very practical and promotional!" It is understood that this is the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology in the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Customs System. "Key" key special items – "Fast customs clearance technology and equipment" in the Winter Olympics Port "(hereinafter referred to as" Winter Olympics Port Clearance ") project results. Up to now, 12 of these disinfection cabinets have been installed in 4 Olympic venues such as national gymnasium, national speed slide, first steel ski, and ice conquersses and Capital Airports.

"This universal disinfection cabinet is used for ultraviolet (UV-C) sterilization and aluminum reflection control, mainly for preventive killing of small items such as laptops, mobile phones, 200 sets of mobile phones, 15 minutes per hour. The sterilization rate is reached. "The leader of the project Wang Wanchun researcher introduced.

During the Winter Olympic test competition and the official match, the general disinfection cabinet can be regularly, batch of electronic products and small baggage carrying the venue with the venue staff, effectively prevent cross infection. It is understood that the "Winter Olympics Port Customs" project includes 60 kinds of infectious disease testing tester, 17 hardware equipment, 3 sets of information system and customs formulated by the Customs.

"The infectious disease detection tester we develop has super high sensitivity, which can quickly detect new coronary viruses and hepatitis B, and as such a virus.

"China Customs Science and Technology Research Center" Senior agronomistism said, "We also developed a smart inspection robot, biological pollution washing device, port biofactor transport vehicle, etc. National Games Biosafety. According to the Director of Beijing Customs Science and Technology, the intelligent technology equipment developed by the Customs, the intelligent technology equipment, which has been developed, has been in the supervision site of the Customs and other brothers of the country. Beijing Capital International Airport T3 Terminal, logistics supervision site, There are their figure in the express mail supervision center and postal item supervision. At present, the Capital Airport Customs has tried the panoramic portable radiation monitoring equipment and trace odor sniffer and other equipment, on-site nuclear radiation monitoring and dangerous chemical inspection capacity further improved Among them, there is no contactless trace odor sniffing detector quickly identifies more than 100 hazardous chemicals and chemical warfare; luggage items can fully cover the surface of the carrying bag; the biosafety isolation unit can Using the purification of the curtain technology to form a positive pressure working compartment.

From Zhi Yong, the rest of the smart scientific research results are expected to invest in the Winter Olympics.

Beijing Customs said that the next step will increase the application of scientific and technological achievements, two-way empowerment of technology business, and do a good job in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Association. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.

Shanghai this week’s temperature "slow downpo", the main battle "cloudy afternoon thunderstorm"

Shanghai this week’s temperature "slow downpo", the main battle "cloudy afternoon thunderstorm"

Original title: Shanghai this week’s temperature "slow downhill", the last few days of the last few days of the last few days of "cloudy afternoon thunderstorm", so that Shencheng has a "high temperature line". As Shencheng out of the plum, the temperature was once again, and the Shanghai Center Meteorological Observatory issued a high temperature yellow warning at 11:30 yesterday, until 17:30 was released, and it was maintained for 6 hours. Yesterday, it was also "Jung Square", and the hottest three-day day in the year begins. Although there is no hot sun, it is very stuffy. Although the name is "three volts", this year’s Sanyu is a "extended version", a total of 40 days.

Yesterday, the highest temperature of Shencheng was fixed at ° C, only at 37 ° C "cool stroke" only ° C.

This is also the fourth high temperature day this summer. From July 5th to July 7th, Shencheng has three consecutive high temperature days, and the maximum temperature is: ° C, ° C and ° C.

The summer "BBQ mode" is coming, will this high temperature continue for a few days? From yesterday, this wave sustained high temperature days are expected to exceed the last time.

Today, Shanghai is sunny to cloudy, the sun is hot, the highest temperature can still reach 37 ° C, the lowest temperature is also as high as 28 ° C, the southern wind 3-4, the air relative humidity is 85% -45%.

Simple high temperatures are not terrible, and it is terrible with relative humidity. According to the Shanghai Center Meteorological Observatory, this week is a cloudy or sunny weather. It truly entered the continuous sauna model of "steamed cooking". Hot is not only today.

Tuesday, on Wednesday, the highest temperature is also about 36 ° C, the lowest is about 28 ° C; it is expected to drop the high temperature line on Thursday, and the second half is between 33 ° C and 34 ° C, the lowest temperature is also near -27 ° C . In addition, the summer classic formula "cloudy + afternoon thunderstorm" is also coming back. Water after essay, are you looking forward to? So, how long does it take for three volts? Sanyu has ambodiment, among the middle and finals, "volts" said that the yin is underway to hide the ground under the yang.

This year’s "Sanshi Tian", from July 11th to July 20th, it is ambush, July 21 to August 9th is ambassartic, from August 10 to 19th. Similar to the "Nine Cold Day" in the winter, the summer "three volts" can make everyone count "How long is it hot." ["Sanshi Tian" reminds] The weather is hot, don’t "greed" why everyone thinks that Sanda is the hottener? The meteorological department has several reasons for everyone: After the volt, the humidity of the surface becomes large.

The heat of the surface absorption is greater than the amount of heat dissipated, and the heat of the surface is constantly accumulated. The heat accumulation of the ground reaches the highest peak, the weather is hotter. Summer rain is much, the air humidity is large, the water is much more than the dry air, which is also an important reason for the weather in the weather.

In the seven-eight months, the subtrum pressure is strengthened. Under its control, the inside of the high-pressure is sinking, so that the weather is sunny, which is conducive to the sun irradiation, the ground radiation is warmed, the weather is hot. The weather department reminded that although the weather is hot, it cannot be "greedy", and the sky must be better than "cold". Pay attention to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, and bring heatstroke and equipment, and give water in a timely manner, don’t expose it for a long time. (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.

Vanke Xuzhou Xinhuai Center werd gestraft om op 11 november te openen

Vanke Xuzhou Xinhuai Center werd gestraft om op 11 november te openen

People’s Daily Online Xuzhou, 22 oktober (Yanfeng), eerder was Vanke Group gestraft door Xuzhou natuurlijke hulpbronnen en planningsbureau vanwege schendingen in Jiangsu Xuzhou.

Het is duidelijk dat het project het project "New Huai Center" is dat is voltooid, zal dit jaar op 11 november worden geopend.

Volgens Xu Zhijun’s administratieve strafbeslissing, Xu Zhi No. 36, die wordt bekendgemaakt door Xuzhou natuurlijke hulpbronnen en planningsbureau, waaruit blijkt dat Xuzhou Wanxin Real Estate Co., Ltd. is ten noorden van Heping Road, Yunlong District, november 2018. Oostbouw Van Xuzhou Vanke Emerald (2016-38) B-Block Project bleef de niet-gerichte stichting een skigebied H1, commercieel hotel, gecentraliseerde commerci?le, commerci?le H2 totaal vier gebouwen bouwen, momenteel gebouwd.

Vanwege de schending van de relevante bepalingen van de "Xuzhou-stedelijke en landelijke planningsvoorschriften", werd Xuzhou Wanxin Real Estate Co., Ltd. gestraft door 5.000 yuan. Volgens de informatie, Xuzhou Wanxin Real Estate Co., Ltd. is een van de projectbedrijven die zijn opgericht door Vanke Group in Xuzhou. Het People’s Network merkte op dat de overtreding bouwprojecten die bij de bovenstaande straffen zijn betrokken, afgerond, en het project van het nieuwe HUAI CENTER "is voltooid.

Het is duidelijk dat het Xinhuai-centrum dit jaar op 11 november wordt geopend. Het project bevindt zich in de kern van Xuzhou Yunlong District. Voorder wordt "The First Wenbao Industrial Innovation Project genoemd, gemaakt door Huaihai Economic Zone" in de marketingpubliciteit.

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Taiwan Society pays attention to the continent commemorative 110th anniversary of the Revolution of 1911

Taiwan Society pays attention to the continent commemorative 110th anniversary of the Revolution of 1911

  Xinhua News Agency, Taipei, October 10 (Reporter Chen Juxing) "The Revolution of 1911 is a common memory of both sides.

We must inherit Mr. Sun Yat-sen and the great cause of the National Unity and revitalize China. The national unity is the meaning of the righteousness.

"Taiwan" Observer "magazine president, the first chairman of the Unified Alliance Party said.

  To commemorate the 110th anniversary of the 1911th Anniversary held in Beijing, General Secretary of the Central Committee, the President of the Central Committee, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping have published an important speech, which is highly concerned from Taiwan public opinion and all walks of life. Ji Xin received an interview with Xinhua News Agency, and the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping had a strong sense of practical significance on cross-strait relations. At present, "Taiwan independence" split forces "Rely on the instant", Gan is the Chinese chess pieces, lost the national independence and national dignity of the Chinese.

Therefore, it is true that it is necessary to make the most severe warning for "Taiwan independence" forces and foreign interference. "Taiwan independence" is perhaps, it can be proud of the external forces of the United States and Japan, but it is absolutely escaped to the final of the people who spurly and historical trials.

  "’The prospect is bright, but the front road will not flat.’ ” Relying on unity and defeat all risk challenges on the road.

‘Xi General Secretary’s words, let us promote the unified people in Taiwan is deeply encouraged.

Revolution has not been successful, comrades still have to work! China is unified, is the real light of Taiwan! "Ji Xin said. Pang Jianguo, Professor, China Cultural University, received a reporter, said that the speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping is the common spiritual tie of 1911, and Mr. Sun Yat-sen, is looking forward to adhering to a Chinese principle and" nine "on both sides of the strait. Based on the common political basis of the second coexistence, the two-strait relations will be promoted to peaceful reunification. Pang Jianguo said that in the United States intentionally, all kinds of anti-China forces curb the strategic pattern of mainland China’s development, the Ministry of Public Advanced Party is in the United States. , Is willing to be a harsh of the United States as a neighborhood.

Therefore, General Secretary Xi Jinping once again reminded that the Taiwan issue is purely in China, which is not allowed to interfere, and emphasizes that "no one should underestimate the strong determination of the Chinese people to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, firm will, powerful! The motherland is completely unified Historical tasks must be implemented, it must be achieved! "Such a declaration, the Ministry of Protent Party and the United States should be clear enough.

  Taiwan Youth Writers Zhang Fangyuan said in an interview with a reporter that combined with the situation of today’s branches and the historical cognitive misfortune in Taiwan Island, the mainland commemorating the significance of the 110th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution and General Secretary Xi Jinping issued an important speech. General Secretary Xi Jinping explained the historical significance and contemporary significance of the Revolution of 1911, reflecting the deep connection between cross-strait history and destiny. Mr. Zhongshan seeks the ideals of China’s modernization, so that the people of the people have lived on a better life, and today’s mainland China is basically realized, but their lives in the north of the north of the north of the country are the national unity. At the current situation, the situation in both strait relations is severe, Taiwan needs "turn the reversal of history and reversal", in front of the national unity and national rejuvenation, so that Mr. Zhongshan, the 1911 Revolutionary Pioneer and Taiwan Patriotism

  Taiwan’s "Wang Daily" issued agency pointed out that the mainland held the 110th anniversary meeting of the Xinhai Revolution, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s unity, warned "Taiwan independence", won the most enthusiastic, and longer applause. The important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping has 3 keywords: Peace, anti- "unique", which is facilitated. Article analysis believes that various signs have shown that the Ministry of Progressive Party has lost initiative in the Taiwan Water situation. The newspaper also pointed out that when the DPP has become more and more far away, "Taiwanese is no longer Chinese", then the Chinese national historical tragedy will be staged again.

Conversely, if I agree that "Taiwanese is Chinese", then the two sides can gradually move towards the peaceful state, which is the most favorable ending of the people of the two sides.

  Taiwan’s senior media people are a good entry book, and the Communist Party has sufficient self-confidence, and it can face the historical truth. More than a hundred years ago, Mr. Zhongshan revolution was for the rejuvenation.

Today, mainland China can take out the list of practices "Founding Strategy": "It has been directly connected to the powers that have invaded China; not only pilot, but also promoting the ‘rural revitalization’, establishing a well-off society; restoring mountain clear water show Ecology, including the 19th year of the Yangtze River, the remediation of the Yellow River; create a four-way transportation network; scientific and technological progress such as Beidou and space station; strong military power and economic power; combat corruption and evil forces. " The article says that the Chinese Communist Party will regard "the great revival of the Chinese nation" as the development goal and the strong banner of the unity, as the successor of Sun Yat-sen has its logic. "Mr. Zhongshan and the Chinese intellectuals are hoped. It is not the leader of diligent love. Taiwan is cold, even abandoned, can you blame each other? "" Mid News Network "published the article" Tan Yan Li "article also criticized that the Ministry of the People’s Republic of China, every time, Mr. Sun Yat-sen’s birthday, from There is no commemorative activity, which has been awarded the contribution of Mr. Sun Yat-sen.

History is not distorted, the Ministry of Progressive Party "" ignores history ", let students don’t know how to people in Sun Yat-sen. The author believes that the Ministry of Public Advanced Party is against the 110th anniversary of the Revolution of the New Hai, if it is not a cognitive confusion, then repent, repentance.

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Tongling Power Supply Company: Integrated Advantage Innovation Resources to build an innovative integration alliance

Tongling Power Supply Company: Integrated Advantage Innovation Resources to build an innovative integration alliance

"To strive to build an innovative integration alliance, integrate advantage resources, and broaden your youth talent growth channels.

On October 21st, Tongling Power Supply Company launched innovation and integration work, building an innovative integration platform, integrating innovation, enhancing innovative qualifications, and promoting enterprise young employees as soon as possible "was discovered, and was enabled."

Over the years, Tongling power supply company innovation work, relying on the successful model of labor model innovation studios, skills masters, youth Chuangke Space and other platforms, service science and technology projects, mass innovation projects, group members, innovation, "13th Five" During the period, all kinds of technologies were obtained, and the masses’ innovative achievements provinces have more than 26 levels. The company’s young employees have grown rapidly, into a multi-benign platform.

This year, in response to the dispersion of the management force in the process of enterprise innovation, the innovation resource is idle, the evaluation channel is not smooth, and the results application is not clear. The company established the party secretary of the party committee, the chairman of the trade union, deputy head, office, The Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Human, the union office, etc. Advocation from the promotion of six major resource sharing, introducing innovative flexible team models, combined with Tongling Power Supply Company "small, easy integration" characteristics, build innovative and fused resource sharing, multiplexing, twin mechanism, and clearing status , Extensive research, full argument, repeated revision, and finally form an innovative integration work program.

The program is surrounded by enhancing innovation, and the "three grasps" thinking: grasp the innovation body. Clarified the innovation individual is the main body, the team is an innovative form, the responsible department should take the lead responsibility, support cross-departmental cross-professional formation to create a new flexible team, encourage the pioneer camp to try first, walk in the forefront.

Create an innovative coordination. Strengthen process management, with the incubation, deepening work of the project system, and establish a quarterly evaluation list mechanism, and incorporate the organism performance and the big party construction assessment. Grasp innovation results. Comprehensively combed innovative equipment facilities, strengthen planning and publicity, integrate innovation resources, form innovation and cooperation, create innovative atmospheres and good environments, and focus on enhance the company’s innovation work. The new operation mode has highlighted two major features: the project has been implemented in parallel, while in the common state channel, fully stimulate the autonomous and vitality of the young people, reverse the "task-oriented" active participation "results of the passive participation Guide "; leading people’s system + flexible team power, break through the original departmental division, stimulating thinking collisions and team integration power in different fields, and better promoting project processes. Next, the company will be carried out around the innovation integration work, ensure that the venue, funds, equipment, rewards, outcome information, policy support, etc., form an innovation project, clarify the "liaison" of the ignorant department, smooth self-recommended channels , Accelerate the process audit, promote the company’s innovation, "quick, steady". (Fang Jun) (Editor: Ou Yu, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.