Taicheng "old well": As long as you need, I have been talking!

Taicheng "old well": As long as you need, I have been talking!

   Especially since the study of party history, Jing Chao will run away from the organ unit, factory school, street community, with historical facts of a paragraph, and a vivid case, the important content of the party history education, etc., A story of a party has a vivid touch. Countryside should revitalize, ecological livability is a key, and a good ecological environment is the biggest advantage of rural and valuable wealth. The well-chanting told everyone, the rural rejuvenation is the general trend, the beautiful village of the people, the construction of green hills, is the responsibility of each villager. Now the rural ventilation is serious, and the free homestead is wasting, and the country’s revitalization strategy must be implemented. Optimize land resource allocation, through the three-power distribution reform, drive the rural idle homes, develop leisure agriculture, rural tourism, etc., and realize the transformation of traditional rural towards beauty.

Li Uncle Li, the village of Tianchang Village, Zhao Town, Taocheng District, Hengshui City, said: Detailed thinking is really this reason, listening to the old wells, there are more people, our good days are still behind! .

Self-confident constitution, take good Chinese road

Self-confident constitution, take good Chinese road

Confident, China Characteristic Socialist Taoity Road November 16, 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly proposed at the central government to governing the country according to law: Promote comprehensive implementation of the country and 19th National Second Middle School, three China, Fourth, Five-Plenary Session, from the seize the new development stage, implement the concept of new development, build the actual departure of the new development pattern, focusing on building a socialist rule of law in China, building a socialist national rule of law, adhering to the party Leadership, the people are the master, according to the law, the national organic is unified, to solve the problem of outstanding problems in the field of rule of law, unwilling to go to the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, promote the national governance system and governance ability modernization, in order to build a society The Chinese dream of the Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation provides strong rule of law.

In this regard, Li Lin, a member of the Department of Science and Law, a Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Li Lin, said that Xi Jinping’s legal thinking is the guiding ideology of the rule of law of good governance of Liangfa, which is the actions and fundamental follow-up.

Xi Jinping’s legal thinking is to better carry forward the spirit of the Constitution, indicate the direction of advancement, clarify the fundamental task, and provide basic follow. Adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s rule of law, we must deeply understand its essence and practice, learn, think, through, know, letters, and rows.

The theme of the Constitutional Propaganda Week this year is "Xi Xi ‘s Rule of Rule of Law and Its Treatment of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics".

The direction decides the future, the road decides to fate. Self-confident road, take the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Li Lin explained, first of all, we must adhere to the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China. This is the soul of the socialist rule of law of Chinese characteristics. Only in the leadership of the party can insist on and expand the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, we can practice the rule of law and promote the rule of law; It is necessary to adhere to the people’s construction, continuously enhance the people’s sense, happiness, sense of security, and use the rule of law to protect the people’s lives; Finally, we must adhere to the national conditions and actual strengthening the rule of law construction, and take the rule of law of the rule of law.

The road of socialism with Chinese characteristics is essentially a specific embodiment of the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the field of rule of law. Li Lin concluded that we must establish confidence, maintain strength, and unswervingly go to the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and continue to create a new situation in China. (Editor: Li Yihuan, Deng Zhihui).

The debt upper limit lights "red light" Yellen warning: the US government or before December 15th

The debt upper limit lights "red light" Yellen warning: the US government or before December 15th

On November 17, according to the AFP, Washington reported on November 16. US Finance Minister Janet Yellen Local Tuesday Warned in a letter on Tuesday that the US government may use the money before December 15th, she encouraged her Members raise the US debt upper limit to avoid debt default.

According to reports, in recent months, the Democrats and Republicans have no longer the problem of improving the US debt upper limit in Washington. In October, when he had to reach the upper limit in a few days, they agreed to implement $ 480 billion in temporary increase. Yellen said that temporary capital increase will allow the government to run from December 3.

In the letter written to the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, this finance minister believes that she predicts the deadline will be about two weeks. But she warned: do not exclude this situation: The Ministry of Finance has not enough resource to continue to provide funding for the operation of the US government.

Yellen wrote: In order to ensure the full reputation and credit of the United States, Congress must increase or suspend the debt ceiling as soon as possible.

While the new chaos appeared, the reconstruction of Joe Biden is a better future plan to conduct a lasting negotiation, the program aims to invest in the US dollars for social services and education in the United States.

According to reports, Republicans oppose this motion and said that they will not agree to improve their debt ceiling to pay for them, although most of the US government’s debt is used for the expenditure approved by the Democrats and Republican Governments. (Compilation / Yang Ke).

Realiseer het publieke welzijn van de verplichte opleiding (nieuwe taal)

Realiseer het publieke welzijn van de verplichte opleiding (nieuwe taal)

  De verplichte onderwijswet van mijn land bepaalt duidelijk dat "verplichte opleiding alle verenigde kinderen die door het land zijn uitgevoerd, en het onderwijs moet aanvaarden door het land is een openbare welvaart die de staat moet garanderen.

Implementeer verplichte opleiding, geen collegegeld, diverse vergoedingen.

"Deze bepaling geeft duidelijk de verplichte, openbare welvaart en vrij van verplichte opleiding uit. Het volkswelzijn van de verplichte onderwijs is een bepaling van de waardeori?ntatie van de verplichte opleiding, dat wil zeggen, de implementatie van het verplichte onderwijssysteem en de activiteit is niet om specifiek te bereiken acteurs., de eigen belangen van de organisatie of het sociale systeem, maar om de belangen van de hele samenleving te bereiken.

Public Welfare is zowel normatieve kenmerken van de verplichte opleiding en is ook de feitelijke kenmerken van het verplichte onderwijs en is een normatieve en feitelijke eenheid. Begrijp de connotatie van het Multifunctionele Public Welfare, om de eerlijkheid, non-profit, niet-concurrerende eigenschappen van verplichte opleiding te begrijpen. De non-profit en niet-gebruik van verplichte onderwijs zijn afgeleid van het welzijn van de publieke.

Onder het uitgangspunt van het verzekeren van de basisaard van het volkswelzijn van de verplichte opleiding, biedt het natuurpersoneel anders dan de overheid de dienst van de verplichte opleidingsfase, die gunstig is voor de uitbreiding van graden om aan de keuze van het onderwijs te voldoen. Deze betrokkenheid kan echter niet winstgevend en concurrerend zijn, anders zal het niet alleen het publieke welzijn van de verplichte opleiding hebben, maar zal leiden tot de schade van het verplichte opleiding. Effectiviteit om de volledige realisatie van het openbare welzijn van de verplichte opleiding te waarborgen, in de eerste plaats is het noodzakelijk om de onderwerp verantwoordelijkheid van partijcommissies en regeringen op alle niveaus te verduidelijken.

Verplichte educatie is gerelateerd aan de basisprojecten van de nationale kwaliteit en de toekomstige ontwikkeling van het land, partijcommissies en regeringen op alle niveaus moeten het publieke welzijn van de verplichte onderwijs zeer begrijpen en effectief beschermen, voldoende resourceveiligheid bieden, om de hoofdverantwoordelijkheid duidelijk de belangrijkste verantwoordelijkheid te verlenen Van de bescherming van de verplichte opleiding is het niet mogelijk om dit onderwerp verantwoordelijkheid op de markt te duwen of op de markt te veranderen. Ten tweede moeten we het schoolsysteem in de verplichte onderwijstatief verder verbeteren.

De sleutel tot het uitvoeren van een schoolsysteem is de relatie tussen openbare scholen en privéscholen. In het verleden, vanwege het gebrek aan het inzicht in het openbaar welzijn van de verplichte onderwijs, waren sommige plaatsen relatief relatief relatief relatief relatief losgelaten aan de primaire en middelbare scholen in de primaire en middelbare scholen van het onderwijs voor financi?le financiering of dringend uitgebreid -Kwaliteit verplichte onderwijsbronnen. Privé primaire en middelbare scholen, sommige hebben overtredingen "掐" -inschrijving aangenomen, valse propaganda uitvoeren, wat leidt tot een aantal lokale verplichte onderwijsstadia van primaire en secundaire scholen "full-time", studenten serieus fenomenen. Het perfectioneren van het schoolsysteem in de verplichte opleidingsfase is om de onderste regel van de vrijwilligerseducatie-fase vast te houden, vormt het onderwijspatroon van de co-ontwikkeling van de privéschool in de verplichte opleiding. Nogmaals, je moet een gezonde ontwikkeling van privé-verplichte onderwijs begeleiden.

In de teelt van mensen, hoe mensen te cultiveren, voor degenen die mensen cultiveren, en de privéscholen en openbare scholen mogelijk geen inhoudelijke verschillen in de leerplicht hebben. Om het onderwijsbeleid van het Partij volledig te implementeren, implementeren de fundamentele taken van het Lidshu-volk, het krachtig ontwikkelen van kwaliteitsonderwijs, strikt de leerplichtcurriculum Standaard, doorvoer en cultiveer socialistische kernwaarden bij kinderen en cultiveer de uitgebreide ontwikkeling van moraliteit Pismischers en opvolgers.

Sommige privéscholen hebben een fenomeen die niet voldoet aan de fysieke en mentale ontwikkeling van kinderen, en het onderwijsonderwijs moet worden beheerst, en ze moeten onderwijsonderwijs en schoolecologische omgevingen cre?ren die gunstig zijn voor de gezonde groei van kinderen. Samenvattend is het principe van hechting aan het volkswelzijn van de verplichte opleiding de levendige manifestatie van socialistische aard van het onderwijs in mijn land. Het is een onvermijdelijke vereiste om zich te houden aan de socialistische scholing. Tegelijkertijd is het belangrijk om te zien dat mijn land een educatief groot land is, veel mensen in het verplichte opleiding, tussen de regio, stedelijke en landelijke gebieden, en de kwaliteit van het verplichte onderwijs tussen het verplichte onderwijs en het publiek Welzijn van verplichte opleiding is een langetermijnproces. (De auteur is de decaan van het onderzoeksinstituut van Tsinghua University Education, de Reporter Wu Yue Editory Editoration (Editor: Yang Guangyu, Hu Yongqiu) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

The fifteenth (2021) Hangzhou Wenbo opened on November 3

The fifteenth (2021) Hangzhou Wenbo opened on November 3

  On the morning of November 3, the fifteenth (2021) The opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Industry Expo was held at the Hangzhou Creative Design Center. On the basis of doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic prevention and control, this session focuses on "Creative Hangzhou · Unicom World – Culture Leading Beautiful Life", concentrated on the latest cultural industry development results and various cultural boutiques, vigorously Carry forward the promotion of the traditional Chinese traditional, red culture, and Song Yun culture.

  Unlike the past, this year, the combination of "online coverage + online forums and index release activities" is the exhibition, exhibiting more than 3,000 products, and the good objects covers the tea shop, design, non-active Multiple categories such as creative new farmers, home costumes.

The main trendy of this session, "Creative Creative Creation Cloud", Dongjia · Western Artists App "Song Yun Jiangnan" two major online venue.

Among them, "Creative Creation Cloud" online venue launched the "Creative Short Video" and "Cultural Live" two interactive zones, launched the Creative Topic Challenge.

"Song Yun Jiangnan" online venue has opened a "topic live broadcast" "Good object spike" "special auction" "Theme" "The Waterfall Flow Zone" "Community Topics Interaction" and other activities modules.

In the same period, more than 240 wonderful cultural lives were held in the online line, which will promote the development of digital transformation of cultural enterprises.

  This session will also further cultivate the "Thought Wenbo" brand. From November 2nd to 3rd, 2021 Wenchuang New Force Awards Festival, 2021 Hangzhou Cultural Consumer White Paper Online Conference, 2021 Hangzhou Cultural Creative Industry Investment Finance Development Forum, 2021 Hangzhou – Taiwan "Creative Dialogue Creative" 4 professional forum activities Online, offline. In the same period, a series of cultural industrial development index results will be concentrated. After 14 years of accumulation and precipitation, Hangzhou Wenbo will not only become one of the four major comprehensive key cultural and exhibition activities in China, but also a "Hangzhou Sample" that exhibits a good life in the development of cultural creativity. In the first three quarters of this year, the Hangzhou cultural industry achieved an increase in value of 190.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth. Among them, the number of digital content industries grows up to now.

  The newly released "China Digital Content Industry Development Index and Evaluation Report (2021)" in the Wenbo Fair showed that the development of the national first echelon (fourth place in the country) is a representative city of the Yangtze River Delta industrial circle. In addition, by the Department of Publicity Department of Hangzhou Municipal Committee, the Municipal Wenchong Industrial Development Center led to the "last kilometer" and innovative development of "The last kilometer" and the "Languang E-Talk" digital service platform was also officially launched on November 3. (Editor: Sun Peng, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

This flag: leading Longgang struggled to build a modern international innovation Shenzhen eastern center

This flag: leading Longgang struggled to build a modern international innovation Shenzhen eastern center

  On the morning of September 29, the Seventh Congress of the Dragongen District, the Communist Party of China closed. In the next five years, Longgang will accelerate the construction of "innovating Longgang, Eastern Center, Industrial Highland, Happy Home", and firmly implement the "one-core diological multi-point" regional development strategy, struggling to build a modern international innovation Shenzhen eastern center.

  Future, Longgang District used three "to then", carefully painted the future development of grand blueprints, Chang Xi Longgang beautiful tomorrow, whether it is a "Pearl" in Guangdong, Macau, with global influence Gathering, scientific and technological innovation strategies, or poetry, poetry, and is expected. Standing in a new historical starting point, embark on the path of the new test.

Longgang District will lead the red party flag, smell the chicken dance, the day and night, the wind and rain are unimpeded, strive to develop the reform of the progress, and strive to lead the troring of the first demonstration, strive to attack the bungers, strive, stronger The struggle, struggling to write a new chapter of Longgang Reform and Development.

  ■ "This Flag" introduction To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Shenzhen Longgang District organizes the creation of songs "this flag". The work is written by the word writer, Tang Yuecheng, the director of the China Phonet Association, the Director of the China Tele-League Music Art Center, the national first-class composer bear latitude, with the distinctive "party flag" in the eye, to vividly reflect the brilliant Chinese Communist Party The vocal language is the lyrics, with the aria-stamped special slot, clever "International Song" "My Motherland" music element, constructing the aesthetic mechanism of imagination, has formed a lyric song of the air, and the singing family stone relying on Deduct, fully express the meaning of endless and devout, the ideal pursuit of unswerving, and the meaning of passionate praise.

The work has been included in Shenzhen to celebrate the foundation of the party’s 100-year outstanding original song. ■ "This Flag" lyrics this flag, thin, but rushing through the mountains. Your strength, where to come from, the mass uses both hands to lift you. This banner, top-standing, thousands of fists tell a truth. Your belief is here, just reunited for a difficult nation.

Take you close to you, hold you, bright flags, soft flags.

Raise you, follow you, soft flag, bright red flag.

The heavens and the earth opened by the sickle hammer, and the spring surfacked rainfall.

The flag, the applause, and more wind and rain have witnessed a miracle.

Your hopes, the people are happy, to make China and the world love each other.

Take you close, hold you, the magnificent flag, warm flag. Raise you, follow you, warm flag, magnificent flag. The children of Wanshui Tung Mountain will be unswerving. (Editor: Li Lang, Chen Yizhu) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Relax, indoor exercise

Relax, indoor exercise

In concentrated medical observation point, Chen Shuntun Middle School Division East Lake Bay Campus Student Exercise Body Central Medical Observation Point is "small guest" to prepare meals and snacks Chen Jinglun Middle School Division East Lake Bay Campus Student, home Isolation During the Internet class November 1 Changping District’s 5-person nasopharyngeal swab was detected by 4 people, and the nucleic acid detection of nucleic acid detection was in the Huadian Experimental Primary School Chaotian Campus. .

The Chaoyang District immediately launched the emergency response mechanism and established the on-site temporary headquarters, which was strictly placed in the night.

In the first time, it was carried out in-depth development and nucleic acid testing, strictly implementing prevention and control measures such as home and centralized observation, health monitoring, and the students, teachers, and accompanying parents, a total of more than 50 people have been arranged in Chaoyang District concentrated medical observation points. Isolation observation in 21 days.

According to the latest nucleic acid testing on November 2, 1329 samples in Donghuwan campus were collected by Chen Shundun Middle School, and the nucleic acid test results were negative.

208 points of the acquisition environment, the nucleic acid detection result is negative. The speech detection and teachers and students of Huadian Experimental Primary School are also negative. Isolated observation period "The first lesson" to talk about "Our mathematics class is to talk about the ‘fractal mixed operation’ …" At 8 o’clock in the morning, a centralized medical observation point in Chaoyang District, Chen Jinglun Middle School The second grade of the East Lake Bay Campus is 7 classes to open the "first lesson" in the observation period.

"The child’s body and emotions are very normal. Before the start of the network, he seriously prepared a computer, learning materials, etc., attitude is very active, we are also very practical." Through phone connection, accompany your child in the observation point to concentrate on A parent told Beijing Youth Daily.

The first anniversary of the countdown, the first anniversary of the countdown to the Assembly, 2022, officially announced

The first anniversary of the countdown, the first anniversary of the countdown to the Assembly, 2022, officially announced

Hangzhou Asian Division Torch – Gui Guan, Design Thoughts Since the 2009th Years of Chinese Civilization History of Liangzhu Yuxi and Hangzhou Flower – osmanthus, Zun Liangxu Yuxi is a cultural origin, Li Tong Tiandi, Cong Ancient and modern; the aroma of the osmanthus in Hangzhou is overflowing, meaning sunshine, harmony, self – improvement, and sharing.

"Gui-crown", the unite of the rich and the rainbow, the rare, the whole 756 mm, the net weight is 1160 grams, and the "fire" of the Asian Games torch is formed with an echo relationship. Torch model refining "琮" is the core semantics, the appearance is on the situation: the symbiotic, bit the star, cast the torque; to extend the torch, the long Wenyi, Hui Tiki; top The metal fire is designed to ensure lightweight and safety, and the flame is strong and stable.

The design system passes through multi-wheel measurement and optimization, for extreme external conditions in the use process, such as weather, shake, fall, fuel replacement, etc., integrated solutions, material structure, manufacturing and transportation.

At the bottom of the torch, there is a Braille, the team studies the human machine engineering elements of the torchbearer, and also designs a special torch holder for driving wheelchair, highlighting the concept of double integration of humanities and technology.

The opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Division is officially unveiled at the first anniversary of the countdown countdown to the Hangzhou sub-championship. As the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games, Sha Xiaolan, which served as the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian chartered mission, and the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Mall has lapsed the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games. It is reported that in 2022, the opening ceremony of Hangzhou Asian chartered will be rhyme with the Jiangnan culture of the host, with the love temperature of smart cities, and the dreams of the sub-residents will fly over the nucleus. "Everyone is different but Everyone is warm. The Hangzhou Asia Mall will be held from October 9th to 15th, 2022. About 3,800 disabled athletes from 44 Asian countries will participate in the competition of the competition. The 19th competition venue in Hangzhou Asia Disabled Games involves 7 districts, county (cities), 17 of which along the Asian Games, 2 for the Sub-charter Unit. (Editor: Wang Renhong, Lu Wei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Tell a good Chinese story with music (Xinyu · Let the sound become the strongest)

Tell a good Chinese story with music (Xinyu · Let the sound become the strongest)

I hope that more people can see music works that can represent Chinese cultural elements, let the world know the beauty of Chinese classical melody, and use music to talk about China’s story, the 24th Beijing International Music Festival came to an end.

In the past 23 years, Beijing International Music Festival has insisted that classical music sprouts in China, insists on building bridges for Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges. In this year’s Beijing International Music Festival, our original intention of spreading classical music culture, telling Chinese stories Confidence is not moved. Beijing International Music Festival has been adhering to the concept of "keeping innovation". Holding the highest quality classical music gene, let the audience feel classic; innovation is to seek classical music and the current same frequency resonance, let more people approach music, feel music. This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Beijing International Music Festival and the Chinese Music Association Symphony Eliles planned and formed a holiday orchestra composed of 100 party members, with "in the splendid sun" chorus symphony concert to open the curtain, Pay tribute to the Great China Communist Party of 100 Years. This year’s music festival is the subject of "Master and Commemorative".

Looking forward to the vast music history, the footprint of the Seniors Master is like a star of the night sky, and every musicians go into the music world with respect to the master, and naturally, there is also a responsibility to pass this beautiful fire. "Dialogue" is a dimension of this year’s music festival, and we arrange a few Chinese-foreign musicians to perform in the same concert.

Beijing International Music Festival must be a platform for East Western music culture exchanges, but also to tell Chinese stories in the world, so we must have cultural confidence, so that more people have seen world-class art quality.

Over the years, China’s excellent composents have diligently created a lot of classic works, which not only promoted China’s symphony, but also lets the world know more about China.

When I cooperate with some well-known orchestras, I tried to bring the work of Chinese composers. When recording a record, each record must contain Chinese works. I hope that more people can see music works that represent Chinese cultural elements, let the world know the beauty of Chinese classical melody, telling Chinese stories with music. I have been convinced that music is a necessity of life, because music contains the wisdom of the ancestors, a beautiful respect and human dignity. The future of music is young, we must do our utmost to provide young people to provide opportunities for learning, showing opportunities. Many young musicians have walked from Beijing International Music Festival to the World Stage. This year, there is a large number of outstanding young musicians to meet with the audience. This year, we also specially planned the Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao Youth Art Carnival. This is the result of the music festival for many years, "public welfare" "art popularization" and "aesthetic education" concept. Regardless of whether children will become a professional musicians in the future, this wonderful experience will bring positive energy to their lives.

(The author is the original publication of the Beijing International Music and Arts Committee) Originally published in "People’s Daily" (14th edition, November 10, 2021) (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Share more people see the recommended reading.

The first trick of the Economic Development Zone, the government appointed personnel broke the "iron rice bowl" market chemistry

The first trick of the Economic Development Zone, the government appointed personnel broke the "iron rice bowl" market chemistry

Original title: The first trick of the Economic Development Zone (Reporter Cao Zheng) "Reporter Cao Zheng) is appointed by the labor contract, performing public office, classify management, and based on performance assessment results, reference market level and domestic integrity function zone Factors such as pay conditions determine the salary standard.

"Last week, the latest" Recruitment Notice "released by the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone is really bright – distinguish between the previous year, the Economic Development Zone is recruited is" employing staff ". Change to the big knife Reform.

"Implementation opinions on accelerating the promotion of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone and Yizhuang New Town" not long ago, support the innovative and selective employer mechanism of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, explore the market, trial all employees, and improve Performance incentives, allows for part-time connoction, annual salary, and agreement wage system. This is the largest, the largest number of job categories since the establishment area of ??the Economic Development Zone, the most widely mobilized young talents openly recruit. Under the new employment mechanism, the Economic Development Zone is trying to break the "iron rice bowl", adopting a more market-oriented allocation system, so that the reform is stimulating innovative vitality.

  "The reform of the personnel system gives a larger employee autonomy in the open area, providing a system support for innovative selection.

Cai Jizheng, deputy director of the Department of Personnel Department, and the continuous deepening of the reform of the Economic Development Zone, and the development of the modern management system, coordination with high-quality development, and the development of the business entrepreneurship. The talent team system needs a group of vitality, good and innovative, can take it, and dare to use the young and have a lot of life, and quickly supplement to various professional positions.

  Since last year, with the reform of the Economic Development Zone Institution, the reform of the personnel system also puts the schedule. In Cai Jizheng’s view, there is a larger employment self-sovereign, and you can choose talents suitable for some positions in the country, even wider range.

Breaking the civil servant "Iron Rice Bowl", the implementation of the appraisal system is only the first step, and the people from all over the Economic Development Zone will face the compensation system of the selection and pay, and the cadres’ universities are entrepreneurial. More critical is that the Economic Development Zone provides talents to provide more vitality and prospects. The campus recruitment is mainly for the management of the management, the engineering class, but according to the professional group, refer to the form of the selected student, after the trial period, combined with the actual work needs, according to its professional and performance in various departments of the management committee Unit coordination distribution. Social recruitment is to find social talents with certain work experience, professional ability, can quickly adapt to job requirements, and enrich departmental professional talents. In addition to the school recruitment, the communication, the Economic Development area also launched "Yingcai 100 People Plan", will recruit 35 intern, recruit 5 postdoctoral researchers, expand the development of young talent strategy, and help crack the open area industry The transformation and upgrading path, build a new industrial ecology, explore the system of innovation of institutional mechanisms. "This year, I also plan to take out the department of the department and the close-up, deputy position of the department, and the people who are talented to the whole country." The Minister of the Working Committee, the Minister of Personnel, said.

(Editor: Bao Cong Ying, Gaoxing).