The electrical equipment industry has become a public fund’s favorite north capital in the third quarter and the consumer sector.

The electrical equipment industry has become a public fund’s favorite north capital in the third quarter and the consumer sector.

Original title: The electrical equipment industry has become the disclosure of the Foundation of the Fund of Public Employment Fund, and the domestic public fund fund will continue to reduce the consumption and pharmaceutical sector in the third quarter, and further turn the theme of electric vehicles / new energy, and the middle and upper reachao material stocks. The largest sectors of the plus range amplitude in the third quarter are chemicals, non-ferrous metals, electrical equipment and securities, which are rising from the same respectively, and with a percentage point. On the other hand, the largest plate of the public fundamental place is a beverage manufacturing (liquor), electronics, biological products and banks, and the arrangement is reduced by a percentage, and a percentage point. Meng Lei, a strategy analyst, pointed out that the sector configuration of the public fund funds and the industry weight of the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index, the electrical equipment replaced the beverage manufacturing has become a pre-equipped sector in the second quarter of this year, and the super-proportion is three The quarter continued to expand. In addition, the super – proportion of the public fundamental material stocks has continued to rise in a row of consecutive quarters, and close or beyond the historical high of the past decade. On the other hand, the high-level proportion of the public funds to the white horse consumption pharmaceutical sector continues to slip, and the super-proportion of the beverage manufacturing and medicine has fallen to the middle of 2020 and the 2017 level. At the same time, although the supervision of the Internet industry is strengthened, the funds on the north have not been significantly affected, and the land shares in the third quarter of the third quarter of the net inflow of 68.2 billion yuan (net inflow of net inflow in the first half of the year).

From the perspective of the industry, the new energy and manufacturing of Northern Investors have shown that their views on hot topics are similar to the domestic public fund funds.

However, it is different from domestic public fundamenters that north, in the third quarter, in the third quarter, with a small increase in material segments, and increase the consumer sector during the low. Meng Lei believes that the recent market overall sustaining situation, investors are looking forward to the macroeconomic policy.

It is recommended to increase consumption and reduce material. The main reason for the relatively weak consumer sector in the first three quarters of this year is that its profit growth has contrast in the context of the economic comprehensive recovery; but with the overall profit growth, it has stable due to the slowdown of economic recovery and the second half of the year. Long-term growth prospects and valuation have been significantly retraffled by profitability and high visibility, it is expected to return to market focus. Considering that some of the raw materials in recent raw materials are large fluctuations or even fall, they are expected to enter the four-quarter public fundamental fund or will reverse the operation of the rendering of the revenue material to reduce the consumption. (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.

Shanxi Province multi-scenic spots to strengthen epidemic prevention tourists must hold 48 hours of nucleic acid negative proof

Shanxi Province multi-scenic spots to strengthen epidemic prevention tourists must hold 48 hours of nucleic acid negative proof

  Original title: The province’s multi-scenic spots to strengthen the epidemic prevention tourists must have proven that nucleic acid negative within 48 hours of nucleic acid is on October 26, in order to effectively control and reduce the risk of epidemic transmission, Pingyao Ancient City, Wutai Mountain Scenic Area and other scenic spots have enhanced epidemic prevention measures. Taiyuan citizens have a tour plan, be sure to know more about epidemic prevention measures in advance. Pingyao Ancient City Scenic Area Management Co., Ltd. announced that since October 25, the scenic spot continued to implement the "no appointment and non-tourism" policy, and must adopt the information of the scenic spot according to the prompt to upload relevant information; the provincial tourists must provide health code, itinerary Code and 48-hour nucleic acid detection negative proof; the provincial tourists in the province have a history of foreign provinces, the travel code, and the nucleic acid detection negative proof of nucleic acid in 48 hours. At the same time, in order to avoid gathering of cross-infections, Pingyao Ancient City 3D Light Show is suspended.

Pingyao Ancient City welcomes the door (Da Nanmen) open time adjustment to 8:00 to 17:30 Wutai Mountain Tourist Service Center announced that for the 14th, there is a high-risk area’s history of the history of the history of the hills, and the "14 + 3" centralized isolation medical observation is strictly implemented; there is a history of the history of the hidden risks (return) Mountain staff "14 + 3" home isolation medicine observation; there is a history of the history of other low-risk zones in the middle and high-risk areas to implement "7 + 2" home isolation medical observation; do not have home isolation conditions, Isolation medical observation; foreign provinces provide 48-hour nucleic acid testing prove. After the provincial tourism, the traffickeeper returned to the mountain, took the initiative to test a nucleic acid test, and implemented 14-day self-health monitoring; the intensive places of the scenic temple, hotel, supermarkets will take a limited time limit limits to avoid people aggregation. Datong Yungang Grottoes, Ying County Mu Tower Scenic Area and other scenic spots also released an epidemic prevention announcement, from October 23, all tourists entering the scenic spot must wear masks, abide by "one-meter" requirement, tour and queue waiting during the waiting period of one meter security Interval, fit a temperature detection code work, while doing personal protection. Visitors who have exceeded ° C (inclusive) will be declined; the provincial personnel who come to visit and visit the province’s business trips need to take the initiative to report to the scenic spot and demonstrate the negative proof of nucleic acid detection within 48 hours.

(Reporter Ma Xiang Min Liang Dan).

The Indian army continues to assemble new equipment experts in the border: this is "and Dragon King"!

The Indian army continues to assemble new equipment experts in the border: this is "and Dragon King"!

Although the cold winter is coming, India is still in the middle and Indian border.According to Indian media reports, the Indian army continues to strengthen the deployment of China-Indian border area, in addition to strengthening the deployment of drone, adding M777 ultra-light artillery, the first time the MiG-29 fighter is deployed to the frontier airport close to China-Indian border,For the next step, seek more chips.

China Military Experts Zhang Xuefeng told the Global Times, and the above-mentioned Activity of India has not beneficially alleviating the tensions of China-India border, and any action that is trying to change the strength of both parties is futile.

Increase reconnaissance monitoring capabilities India The Week News website said that the Indian army is strengthening its monitoring capabilities on the occasion of India and China continue to fall in due to border military confrontation.

In addition to forming an air trip to strengthen reconnaissance monitoring in China-India border, India is widely deployed surveillance cameras, sensors, radar, vibration detectors and drones.

These equipment not only monitor the situation on the border, but also "can monitor the depths of the enemy territory." At present, India has deployed the "Heron" drone, radar, and air and ground sensors introduced from Israel (ie, Tibet) (ie, Tibet). Overlook Tin Jinbang and the actual control line in Tibet China.

The Indian military believes that artificial intelligence (AI) and air and ground sensors will help monitor actual control lines. The India Times said that the Indian army did even develop AI-based face recognition software to identify the PLA military officers.

In addition, the Week website also revealed that India is purchasing armed drones from the United States.

With these drones, the Indians will be able to launch "remote control action", such as cross-border attacks or fight against border. In addition, according to the "Cheetah Plan", Indian Air Force, Army and Navy’s "Heron" in the implementation of the Indian Third Army, the drone is upgrading to an investigation of a bomb, which will be equipped with laser guidance bombs, air-to-earth missiles and Anti-tank missile. In addition to improving reconnaissance monitoring capabilities, MiG-29 enters the frontier airport, the Indian Air Force also deployed the MiG-29 fighters at the front of the Chinese-printed border. According to the Indian Swarajyamag website, the latest satellite image shows that the Indian Air Force deploys the MiG-29 fighter in the so-called "Ladak" area near the Town Air Force base to fight against the China Air Force’s "Tibet Plateau" Increase". Satellite image shows that at least 3 MG-29 is located on the airport on the airport, "actually deploying the number of fighters in the base." According to the report, the Indian Air Force may upgrade the infrastructure of the front-edge air force base. This is not MiG-29 first appearing in Ladak. In April this year, the photo released by the Indian Air Force showed that the upgraded Mi-29 flying the snow mountain near Ladakork.

The report said that these fighters have deployed in Ladaka for more than one year. But there is no evidence that the MiG-29 is stationed at THOISE. According to reports, the Indian Air Force existing 3 Miger-29 Fighters Squadron, two of which deployed in the Adam Bourd Air Force Base, each squadron consisting of 16 to 18 aircraft, a total of approximately 60 meters -29, currently upgraded to A generation of standard MiG-29UPG. These upgraded version of the MiG-29 equipped with "Zuke -me" active phase-controlled radar, the OLS-UE infrared search and tracking system with laser, thermal imaging and TV function, increasing internal fuel, and the voyage reached 2100 kilometers. In addition, the machine also has a great improvement of the fueling probe, which can be improved in air, air combustion capabilities, and the ground strike capacity.

The M777 artillery has been settled in the plateau in addition to the air fighter, India is still strengthening ground fire-deployment. The Hong Kong "South China Morning Post" 20th, said that India Media revealed that the Indian Army has deployed the M777 ultra-light artillery to the front line of the China-Indian border with helicopters.

It is said that the range of M777 ultra-light grenaders is 30 kilometers, and the CH-47 helicopter provided by the United States can quickly transport it from a valley to another.

The Indian Army introduced a US M777 ultra-light grenader. In the case of strengthening deployment of the Yinjun in the Chinese-print border area, Zhang Xuefeng said to the "World Times", whether it is more than the fire, logistics support, and the Capital Army cannot compare with the Liberation Army.

India attempts to fight China through strengthening the deployment of drones, but also "and Dragon Bo". For example, a large number of China’s domestic high-end drones on the Zhuhai Air Show is not available in India, which is just the hoss of the iceberg in China.

Today, Indian drones mainly rely on the introduction of Israel, the United States, even if the "heron" is also supported by Israel. In addition, these drone self-defense capabilities of India plans are very weak, and in front of the air defense fire in the combination of soft and hard killing of the People’s Liberation Army. MiG-29 enters the front line airport, I am afraid it is only for Indians "strong".

It deployed Thoise Base is only about 70 kilometers from the Gallean River Valley, which is located within the attack of the radio strike weapon of the People’s Liberation Army. Even if the MiG-29 fighter takes off, it may just be empty and enter the range of the Chinese air defense missile because it is close to the border area. Therefore, this is also the reason why India did not put more advanced "gust" fighters. In addition, the "Nanhua Morning Post" quoted the newspaper said that the People’s Liberation Army is also preparing for the cold winter in China’s border areas.

In response to the three M777 ultra-light duroning mills deployed in the actual control line, "The People’s Liberation Army has deployed more than 100 PCL-181 light car grenaders in the border area, and its range is twice the M777. In addition, China is also printed A total of 100 PHL-191 rocket launches in the border area, and its range is 500 kilometers. "

Rent a bike, feel the sun (Treasure Island Travel Notes)

Rent a bike, feel the sun (Treasure Island Travel Notes)

  The new epidemic prevention and control of pneumonia crown, reduce indoor aggregation, increase in outdoor sports, is the consensus.

In the greater Taipei area, cycling is a good choice. In March, Taipei "YouBike" lease number rose sharply to 2.59 million passengers, compared with February by 42 million. "YouBike smile Bicycle" is Taiwan’s most common public bicycle. As a vehicle, it is not convenient. One is not accompanied with the stop, only designated storage.

Second, despite the many sections of the greater Taipei area they have set aside a single lane, but most of them on the sidewalk. Hybrid vehicles, are plagued with each other. Even some alleys there is no sidewalk, let alone a single lane. However, as a recreational tool, YouBike was favored by many.

One is not expensive, riding three to four hours to spend in eighty-nine yuan, or half an hour before the new Taipei free ride.

Second, the greater Taipei area of the flat riverside road comfort for riding.

  Sunny or cloudy weather, choose a favorite riverside, like the route, take the MRT (ie subway or suburban railway) to the nearest station – usually there YouBike lease MRT exit point to travel card (ie card) or credit card to rent a bike, you can open the Riverside tour.

In addition, there is a scenic ride Riverside additional benefits. Or quiet river flow, shimmering waves; or one high-sur close planting reeds swaying; or between lush green grass and shady trees suddenly emerged in several strains.

At the same time, warm in the sun shines on the body, cool river wind carries the slightly water vapor, passing the cheek, like a fast speed when Sailing with wind.

  The greater Taipei area river and more, with the Tamsui, Keelung, Xindian Creek, Han River and other river basins. Smart water make the city, but when a typhoon season, but also face the risk of the water surge. Therefore, high-Riverside beach at most temporary parking, can not use more. In recent years, the new North, according to Taipei surrounding features built into the Riverside public leisure, sports place. Taipei, for example, were set up 29 Riverside Park, and is 112 km long cycle paths together.

New Taipei City, there are 200 km riverside bike paths, connecting parks Bitan sunlight, double and waterfront parks, freshwater golden waterfront, Taipei city parks. These parks allow riverside bike path a lot more fun, just like the rest stop on the highway, to rest and become a rider.

  Almost every park are designed with its own theme. Hit romantic love, there will be heart-shaped sculpture for visitors to take pictures; flagship eco-friendly, have knowledge of birds and licensing of cartoon animals; there simply is one of the flowers in full bloom, attracting cyclists stop to stop. Some Riverside side of the berm is dull gray, gave the painting to leave the space. Most respected netizens is painted along the embankment of the new North Tahan River to KUSO (spoof) famous paintings. Of course, from time to time need to maintain the current social distance, Riverside Park humanities scenery is people moving. On the grass, running puppy, frolic children; under the bridge, owned singing karaoke OK for the elderly; corner of the square, a group of elderly saxophone lovers, although different rhythm, a different tune each blow, but the performance was meticulous, lively fun , people felt that life is colorful original state. Riding along the riverside, back to nature feel pleasure.

Science and Technology: strive to develop more and new detection technologies and new products

Science and Technology: strive to develop more and new detection technologies and new products

People, Beijing, August 5 electric (Zhaozhu Qing) routine policy at the State Department briefing held this morning, the Ministry of Science transformation and Regional Innovation Division package Xianhua said the new crown pneumonia detection technology, the recent focus on Science and Technology research, accelerate fast nucleic acid detection, high sensitivity such as product development, while increasing antigen detection, non-contact detection, and other product development, rich detection means. Package Xianhua said that in the normalization of the situation in epidemic prevention and control, detection technology has become an important means to achieve the "four early" requirements. Deployment requirements in accordance with the State Council, focus on accelerating the ability to enhance the detection system, the ministry will continue to increase research and development on the one hand, with special emphasis on the role of the market mechanism to play a good key enterprises and technological advantages, and strive to develop more new detection technologies and new product.

On the other hand, increase application and demonstration of advanced technological achievements, actively meet the conditions of related technology products to recommend to the relevant departments and local, to better serve the needs detected in the normalization of the prevention and control of the situation. Package offer Jieshao, according to the current testing needs, recent scientific research focus on the following four aspects: First, accelerate quickly seized nucleic acid product research and development research. Attention is focused on the detection time detection products in about 30 minutes, there are already several research projects are being stepped up in advance, before the autumn and winter strive to have a new snapshot complete product development and licensure. Second, accelerate higher sensitivity and greater throughput detection of product development. In terms of sensitivity, focus detection limit of 100 copies per ml of product, and digitize PCR product detection techniques, primarily to meet the needs of this aspect is a low viral load testing of asymptomatic infection. At the same time, speed up the detection of a greater throughput of product development, achieve rapid detection of the control of local outbreaks, you should check to make inspection.

Third, accelerate the development of antigen detection products. With respect to the detection antibody, antigen detection products can be detected earlier, and can be used as direct evidence of the existence of a new virus crown, so to speed up the antigen product development, will help enrich our detection techniques.

Fourth, focus on other types of detection methods. New technologies such as wearable intelligent detection equipment, non-contact detection of signs of an integrated system, new product development, existing as an effective means of detection supplement, reduce the pressure detection. While strengthening the emergency research-oriented long-term, on the one hand, the ministry has been deployed to strengthen the research and technology base of core components, raw materials, mainly to solve the bottleneck detection products key part of our technology constraints. On the other hand, according to the multi-line detection technology, the constant changes in alternative features will keep track of a number of advanced technical route, there are major technological breakthrough disruptive technologies, timely development into the system to support, build competitive advantage for the future detection.

(Editor: Zhaozhu Qing, Lu Qian) Share to allow more people to see.

Technology helps winter and Olympics security

Technology helps winter and Olympics security

[] Recently, 2 universal disinfection cabinets transported by Beijing Customs arrived at the National Stadium installation and commissioning and put it on site. The new business manager of the National Gymnasium said: "This can solve the urgent need for the murder of the small-winning items of the Winter Olympics, which is very practical and promotional!" It is understood that this is the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology in the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Customs System. "Key" key special items – "Fast customs clearance technology and equipment" in the Winter Olympics Port "(hereinafter referred to as" Winter Olympics Port Clearance ") project results. Up to now, 12 of these disinfection cabinets have been installed in 4 Olympic venues such as national gymnasium, national speed slide, first steel ski, and ice conquersses and Capital Airports.

"This universal disinfection cabinet is used for ultraviolet (UV-C) sterilization and aluminum reflection control, mainly for preventive killing of small items such as laptops, mobile phones, 200 sets of mobile phones, 15 minutes per hour. The sterilization rate is reached. "The leader of the project Wang Wanchun researcher introduced.

During the Winter Olympic test competition and the official match, the general disinfection cabinet can be regularly, batch of electronic products and small baggage carrying the venue with the venue staff, effectively prevent cross infection. It is understood that the "Winter Olympics Port Customs" project includes 60 kinds of infectious disease testing tester, 17 hardware equipment, 3 sets of information system and customs formulated by the Customs.

"The infectious disease detection tester we develop has super high sensitivity, which can quickly detect new coronary viruses and hepatitis B, and as such a virus.

"China Customs Science and Technology Research Center" Senior agronomistism said, "We also developed a smart inspection robot, biological pollution washing device, port biofactor transport vehicle, etc. National Games Biosafety. According to the Director of Beijing Customs Science and Technology, the intelligent technology equipment developed by the Customs, the intelligent technology equipment, which has been developed, has been in the supervision site of the Customs and other brothers of the country. Beijing Capital International Airport T3 Terminal, logistics supervision site, There are their figure in the express mail supervision center and postal item supervision. At present, the Capital Airport Customs has tried the panoramic portable radiation monitoring equipment and trace odor sniffer and other equipment, on-site nuclear radiation monitoring and dangerous chemical inspection capacity further improved Among them, there is no contactless trace odor sniffing detector quickly identifies more than 100 hazardous chemicals and chemical warfare; luggage items can fully cover the surface of the carrying bag; the biosafety isolation unit can Using the purification of the curtain technology to form a positive pressure working compartment.

From Zhi Yong, the rest of the smart scientific research results are expected to invest in the Winter Olympics.

Beijing Customs said that the next step will increase the application of scientific and technological achievements, two-way empowerment of technology business, and do a good job in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Association. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.

Vanke Xuzhou Xinhuai Center werd gestraft om op 11 november te openen

Vanke Xuzhou Xinhuai Center werd gestraft om op 11 november te openen

People’s Daily Online Xuzhou, 22 oktober (Yanfeng), eerder was Vanke Group gestraft door Xuzhou natuurlijke hulpbronnen en planningsbureau vanwege schendingen in Jiangsu Xuzhou.

Het is duidelijk dat het project het project "New Huai Center" is dat is voltooid, zal dit jaar op 11 november worden geopend.

Volgens Xu Zhijun’s administratieve strafbeslissing, Xu Zhi No. 36, die wordt bekendgemaakt door Xuzhou natuurlijke hulpbronnen en planningsbureau, waaruit blijkt dat Xuzhou Wanxin Real Estate Co., Ltd. is ten noorden van Heping Road, Yunlong District, november 2018. Oostbouw Van Xuzhou Vanke Emerald (2016-38) B-Block Project bleef de niet-gerichte stichting een skigebied H1, commercieel hotel, gecentraliseerde commerci?le, commerci?le H2 totaal vier gebouwen bouwen, momenteel gebouwd.

Vanwege de schending van de relevante bepalingen van de "Xuzhou-stedelijke en landelijke planningsvoorschriften", werd Xuzhou Wanxin Real Estate Co., Ltd. gestraft door 5.000 yuan. Volgens de informatie, Xuzhou Wanxin Real Estate Co., Ltd. is een van de projectbedrijven die zijn opgericht door Vanke Group in Xuzhou. Het People’s Network merkte op dat de overtreding bouwprojecten die bij de bovenstaande straffen zijn betrokken, afgerond, en het project van het nieuwe HUAI CENTER "is voltooid.

Het is duidelijk dat het Xinhuai-centrum dit jaar op 11 november wordt geopend. Het project bevindt zich in de kern van Xuzhou Yunlong District. Voorder wordt "The First Wenbao Industrial Innovation Project genoemd, gemaakt door Huaihai Economic Zone" in de marketingpubliciteit.

(Editor: Zhang Wei, WU JI PAN) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

State Grid Tianjin Electric Power Technology Museum

State Grid Tianjin Electric Power Technology Museum

Tianjin Electric Technology Museum is neighbed Tianjin Station, with a total area of ??about 6,000 square meters. This is founded in 1904, formerly, formerly Biji Electric Light Tram Co., Ltd. A hundred years of vicissitudes, but always closely connect with the development of Tianjin Electric Power Industry. Tianjin Electric Technology Museum is the first power professional exhibition hall in China, mainly with "display electricity history, communication power technology" as its purpose, to open a touch electricity knowledge to visitors, experience electricity Culture, insight into the windows of energy trend. Through visit, you can learn from the past, now and the future of energy, electricity and a city.

It can be said to be a comprehensive education base integrating professional, scientific, artistic and interesting.

In the past 13 years, Tianjin Electric Technology Museum has received the attention of people from all walks of life. He has received Tianjin Science Education Base, Tianjin Patriotism Education Base, Tianjin Cultural Relics Protection Unit, National Science Base, National Legal Publicity Education Base, Electricity Many honors such as science bases.

Shenyang informed 1 case of new crown virus pneumonia patients Fuyang

Shenyang informed 1 case of new crown virus pneumonia patients Fuyang

People’s Daily Online Shenyang On the 12th, Shenyang City coordinates the prevention and control of neoguanpiral epidemic prevention and control and 1 case of new crown virus pneumonia.

Patients with Fuyang, 75 years old, Huanggu District residents in Shenyang City, were diagnosed as new crown pneumonia, and was treated in the Sixth People’s Hospital on January 24th. After discharge, continue to implement centralized health monitoring, health monitoring period after discharge, the new coronavirus nucleic acid detection in the four kinds of cyanom specimens is negative, and the health monitoring of on February 21 will reach the leaving standard after 28 days, transfer back at home.

On March 11th, Huanggu District Central Hospital conducted a routine nucleic acid detection, and the return result was suspected of positive. Renained by the city disease control center is positive. The patient has been transferred to Shenyang Sixth People’s Hospital isolation and improves related inspections. At present, there is no clinical symptom such as hot fever, and the lung CT has no new pathogenesis.

Controlled measures and nucleic acid detection have been carried out on the close contacts that have been investigated, and the test results are negative. The disease control department has been disinfected with the patient’s residence and the place of the place.

The latest epidemic information is subject to official announcement. (Editor: Tang Long, the burning).

The United States is about to carry out the first planetary defense test

The United States is about to carry out the first planetary defense test

NASA (NASA) is preparing for the world’s first planet defense task test, using a special "interceptor" active impact distance from about 11 million kilometers away from the earth. It is expected that the "interceptor" will be lifted in the launch window in late November, and the target star is intercepted in the space for nearly one year. According to the "Defense Brief" reported on November 8, this task is called "Double Small Planet Redirection Test" (DART), which will be the first planet defense test in the world. The goal is a small satellite named "Dimorphos", which is running around a small asteroid named "Didymos). It is slightly changed by hitting. According to the report, these two small stars will not pose a threat to the Earth. Through the DART task, the spacecraft can be verified to navigate to the target small planet, and the high-speed kinetic energy impact, and then measure the impact on the influence of the asteroid system. Help Planetary Defense Experts improve the calculation model of the asteroid kinetics to prepare for the true asteroid threat.

At present, it is at the final preparation phase before the launch. The launch window of the DART spacecraft will start from November 24, 2021, when the Van Denbu Air Force Base will be launched by the "Falcon-9" launch rocket, separated from the rocket and fly in space for nearly one year, it The "Di Moss" will be hit in late September 2022.

At that time, the "Di Didoz" planet system is located within 11 million kilometers away from the earth. According to reports, it is expected that the interceptor will collide with the speed and target small satellite at approximately kilometers per second.

The collision will change this small satellite surrounding one percent of the track running speed to change its track run cycle to observe and measure the telescope on the earth.

(Editor: Chen Yu, Ren Lin) Sharing let more people see.