Guangxi Donglan: Stone Sewing "Hook" Export Industry

At the core demonstration area of ??the mushrooms, workers are picking a fungus. The People’s 上海喝茶龙凤 Network Peng Yuanhe photo Yangxiang is a nna near the eating bacteria in Guangxi. After the base, she has become the first employee, mainly responsible for counting. She said, work 8 hours a day, monthly income of about 3,400 yuan. In the base, near-employment not only increases income, but also cares for a family. Huang Wenying, the head of the base, said that he has been engaged in edible bacteria for more than ten 上海KB论坛 years, and has been investigated many places, and finally chooses Donglan, not only because of the ecological environment of Donglan, but more important, Donglan’s rich chestnut trunk is produced. Bar material. Donglan County puts the edible bacterial industry as the leading industry of developing modern and efficient agriculture, and timely solves the water supply, power supply, roads, transportation, etc. in time. Cooperation between enterprises and local mainly adopted the "Government + Enterprise + Base + Cooperative + Farmers".

Among them, the government integrates farming funds 14.7 million, and as a group of 147 administrative villages establish a collective economic fixed asset stock share, commissioning the company for operation, and the collective of various villages in the county can be divided into 10%. In addition, the company provides strains and technical guidance, and is responsible for the sale of products. 28, all the counties organized 28 production cooperatives, and farmers also used their own small courtyards to cultivate edible bacteria, bacteria bursts. At present, the edible bacterial base has become a "vegetable basket" base in Shenzhen, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Duwan District, "vegetable basket" production base and Guangxi supply Shenzhen agricultural product demonstration base. According to statistics provided by the county agricultural departments, 2020 production of bacteria, production tons, driving the 147 villages of the county to achieve a total of 10,000 yuan, driving 448 households to achieve more than 10,000 years Yuan.

Wildlife Nanwang "Division", Datong Township, Datong Township, China is one of the small Sower Sohannels in the county, and is also a typical reservoir area, because the gates of the rock beach hydropower is flooded by most land. Only there are not many wild rolls.

In 2016, the village created the Xinhe oil tea industry base to create a million mu of oil tea industry.

According to Lu Rongqiao, Secretary of the Party Branch of Xinhe Village, At present, Xinhe Village is currently 12,000 acres of oil tea plantation. 2019 more than 800,000 yuan, with more than 800,000 yuan, a total of 1000 mu of results in 2020, the output value of 1 million yuan, it is expected that about 5,000 mu of flowering results at the end of 2021, the output value of 5 million yuan. Next, Xinhe Village will lead the people to adjust the industrial structure in accordance with the "three three-nursery" work ideas, big through industrial development, using labor models, leading the head, cooperatives + farmers, etc., expand the oil tea plantation Size, build product processing plants, truly do the oil tea industry to make great achievements, and increasingly increasingly.


Agent’s exterior routine is deeply inflated, and the recruitment is careful!

[] [Font size] [] Original title: Docked "Agent Raising" Black Hand November 16th, China Silver China Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission once again tips for "agent reflexive" risk.

Previously, in the incomplete statistics, the SPC regulatory commissions and regulators of the "Agency Agent" have more than 50 times. Obviously, "Agent Supplement" has become a huge hidden danger that endanger the healthy development of insurance industry. The so-called proxy is quantitatively, that is, insurance consumers make third-party (institutions or individuals) with their own name.

Survey is a normal behavior in insurance investment in insurance, but has become a non-cultural instrument of criminals in recent years. As can be seen from statistics, malicious agency is no longer an occasional phenomenon. The product type covers various types of insurance, universal insurance, health insurance, critical illness insurance, accident insurance, etc., and even relaxation guarantee insurance, hit Illegal agents are becoming an important area of ??insurance supervision. In July of this year, the Bank of China issued the "Notice on the Work of the Banking Insurance Industry Normalization", and incorporates "misleading or ingredients for non-normal definition" into the insurance industry.

  However, the agent is more concealed, and the criminals often pretend as a regulatory authority, legal workers or financial institutions, and cooperate with the supervision department, "there is internal resources", etc., by telephone, WeChat, network and other means Listed can handle full amount, escape debt, repair letter, etc. After deceiving the consumption of trust, hit the "Acting Rights", using the fact that the facts, providing false information, etc., to make a malicious complaint, reaching the purpose of the funds to obtain commissions. For regulatory agencies, combating agents retreats in an objective problem such as difficulty, qualitative, and other objective problems, and the combination of agents is difficult to rapidly improve, more is in risk tips.

In this regard, it is recommended that the regulatory layer further strengthens the promotion and will be widely reported.

This process will objectively promote the overall improvement of social insurance awareness, and improve the efficiency of regulatory efficiency.

  What is worth paying attention is that in recent investment, the Chinese Insurance Industry Association Personal Insurance Professional Committee established a special working group of "Agent Anti-Insive" risk and is currently being carried out. The focus focuses on the operational process of the agency’s retreat industry chain, 上海浦东最新油压 and establishing a combat mechanism for preventing the agency and the agency.

It is expected that the regulatory body will have a further action after sufficient investigation. However, it is necessary to curb the spread of the agency and the spread of this unscrupulous phenomenon. The most important thing is to do the big insurance industry itself, let more people agree with insurance, improve the will of insurance. Specifically to the industry operation, we must first solve the misleading of front-end sales, which is the most intuitive root of the extent.

Insurance agents need to give consumers to spend different feature of different insurance products in terms of terms, income distribution, cost deduction, etc., especially for insurance products with financial management attributes.

When 上海外滩419会所哪家好 consumers are fully understood, it is clear that it is clear that it will be insured in white, and the risk will naturally be a lot. Secondary client services and claims should also synchronize efficient cooperation, focusing on each of the provisions that may have an exemption, and timely resolve risks. Its third should use insurance technology to more intelligently manage risk. For example, can use new technologies to provide more retroactive means for insurance sales in the premise of protecting consumer rights and regulating insurance sales, allowing agents to have no vacant drillation, completely cut off the black hand of the agent.汇 EDUCATION SCIENCE & CULTURE MAGAZINE. 汇 EDUCATION SCIENCE & CULTURE MAGAZINE.


Hangzhou Industry and Commerce Federation (General Chamber of Commerce) opened the 14th Congress

[Font:] The 14th Congress of the Hangzhou Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce) opened on the afternoon of November 10.

Deputy Secretary of Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Liu Wei attended the opening ceremony and speaking. Chen Hao, deputy director of the Ministry 贵族宝贝mm自荐 of Decree of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, Chen Hao, secretary of the Provincial Industry and Commerce Party Group, Executive Chairman of the General Assembly and the people’s groups of the city, the people’s groups, and the provincial brothers and commercial and trade representatives, respectively.

Chen Xinhua, Minister of the Municipal Party Committee, Minister of the Ministry of Commission, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Secretary-General of the Municipal Committee, Xu Xiaolin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Ding Di, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC, Chairman of the Municipal Industry and Commerce, attended. City leaders awarded the honorary president of the Municipal Chamber of Commerce.

Liu Wei gave a greeting to the congress of the four sets of teams to the General Assembly, expressed greetings to the representatives and the majority of business and business people who fought in the main battlefield of the city, expressed their gratitude to the Provincial Business and Commercial Network for the support of Hangzhou Development and the Work of the Municipal Business and Commerce. He pointed out that after the past five years, the city’s Industry and Commerce is organized under the strong leadership of the municipal party committee and the provincial industrial and commercial joint guidance, fully exerting the bridge bonds, unity and leading the company’s business people to actively participate in the economic and social development and modernization of Hangzhou, and the overall situation The service company has achieved effectiveness, the resolution is contributed, the optimization of the business environment has active, and its own construction has highlights, and the work has achieved new results. Liu Wei pointed out that in these years, Hangzhou’s economic and social development has been in the forefront of the country, and the important contribution to private enterprises is inseparable.

Entering the new stage of development, in-depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the important discussion of private economic development and the important instructions for Zhejiang, Hangzhou, always adhere to the "two unhappy" principles, keeping around "two health" themes To better play the leadership, service, cohesion of the Industrial and Commercial Group, and continue to write a new chapter in the development of Hangzhou Industrial and Commercial Links, and create a new situation in Hangzhou private economic development. Liu Wei emphasized that in-depth study of the spirit of implementing the 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China, and studying the spirit of Xi Jinping’s general secretary to investigate Zhejiang, Hangzhou’s important speech, from the party’s hundred years of history achievements and experience, the strong spiritual power, constantly enhanced "Four Consciousness", firm "four confidence" to achieve "two maintenance". To strengthen the main status of enterprise innovation, actively participate in the construction of major curse platform, promote the depth of 上海水磨会所 digital technology and entity economy, and empower the traditional industrial transformation and upgrading, giving birth to new industries, new formats, new models, in innovation drive, strive High quality development troops.

To take the initiative to take the social responsibility, make full use of policy dividends, grab the demand traction, supply to the first opportunity to create demand, do a good job in enterprise management, while providing quality products, continue in creating employment, poverty alleviation, charity, etc. Make important contributions, strive to become a model of "enrichment" and enrichment, and to interpret the national conditions and responsibility with practical action.

The city’s industrial and commercial will use this transformation as an opportunity to comprehensively 上海虹口全套 improve the ability to shape change, actively explore digital reform major application scenarios, continue to optimize to enterprise services, and strive to solve problems for enterprises, interacting the interactive communication channel, strengthening the Chamber of Commerce Construction, maximize unity and unite the majority of non-civilians, and continuously create a new situation in the development of industry and commerce.


China Equestrian Association "sent" into Tibet supports the development of equestrian referee

  Tibet Autonomous Region Competitive Equestrian Referee Training Class held in Lhasa on the 13th, 75 students were trained, and four experts selected by the China Equestrian Association were a three-day teaching.

  International Maxi Site Barrier First Level Referee, the International Master Safe Dance 2 上海桑拿蒲友论坛 Star Referee, the International Maxi Shengxing Dance Second Event Supervision Huaizhen, the national equestrian event supervision, speed horses national referee Li Youth and other expertsAdministrative Measures, Equestrian Sports Introduction Event Supervision, Dress Dance Judgment Rules, Speed Racing Rules, Equestrian Energy, Horse Basic Nursing, and Related Disease Knowledge.

  Zhang Mingxing, deputy director of the 上海推油按摩 Tibet Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, said that in the long run, with the guidance, support and assistance of the China Equestrian Association, Tibet’s equestrian cause has developed steadily and has achieved certain results.

Especially at the 14th National Games held in September this year, the Tibet’s competitive equestrian team has achieved great achievements of gold and a bronze, and the people of Tibet are honored.