Pubei County Buddhism Village: Commend the new articles of advanced trees

Pubei County Buddhism Village: Commend the new articles of advanced trees

"Thanks to the villagers and organizations, I will use this as a new startup, continue to develop industries to achieve income and consolidate and consolidate the poverty reduction, and strive to continue to do practical things, good things, good things, and contribute to the village of Village, the village.

"Won the" 2020 Excellent Villagers "in Qinzhou City, Pubei County, Pubei County, Pujiang Town, Poor Tongbao, is pleased to say at the time of the award. On March 19th, the Wuxin Village of Beitong Town, Pubei County held a 2020 excellent village, village group Long and village cadres commended the conference, and the three excellent villagers of Zhang Dai, who had been prominent, and Xu Du Chang and other two excellent village cadres were commended.

It is reported that through this commendation activities, play the leading role of excellent models, creating a direction, rushing, striving to be a strong atmosphere of model, further promoting the effectiveness of the consolidation of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and promotes the harmonious development of Buddhism. Xu Wanjie, the first secretary of the village, explains the optimism of the outstanding villagers, excellent villagers and excellent villages of Buddhism in the meeting, and expect everyone to inherit the fine tradition of the red village, promote the righteousness, and tell the Buddha’s new story. Do a good job in the consolidation of the Vincun Village to consolidate the effectiveness and accelerate economic and social development.

"I hope that I am commended to cherish the honor, guard against arrogance, make persistent efforts, and create new achievements; all villagers should use advanced as role model, be brave enough to open up, to make a more active posture and style to promote Buddha new development Stairs.

"The Buddhist Village of the Village, the director, the director. (Zhang Jun, Wu Da Li).

Sanjin History: "Who is" the narrow road to meet the brave "?

Sanjin History: "Who is" the narrow road to meet the brave "?

More than ten years ago, the TV series "Bright Sword" has been popular, and the "narrow road meets the brave" is profound.

The "narrow road meets the winners" is from "Historical Records, Lian Po Xiang Xiangru Biography", but this sentence is not from the mouth of Lian Po and Xiang Xiang, but is from the mouth of Zhao Guozheng Zhao luxury. Zhao Yu, the surname of Zhao’s, famous luxury, Zhao Guo, the eighth country of the East, the Warring States Period. This is the Tianzi, with the rule of law, got the appreciation of the Plain, and recommended him to Zhao Wang, Zhao Wang appointed him to pay taxes in the country.

"The narrow road meets the ball" later, Qin State offensive South Korea, the army stationed in 阏 and (now Shanxi and Shun). Zhao Wang called, first asked that the owner would be inexpensive, and then ask the departure. The generals are referred to in the road, and they are not willing to lead the soldiers to save. Only Zhao is only a narrow, and there is a long-distance risk, and there are two mice in the hole, win the brave. " So Zhao Wang sent Zhao to rescue.

阏 阏 奢 西 出 出 里 里 即 即 即 垒 垒 垒 垒 垒 垒 垒 垒 垒 垒 垒 垒 垒 象 象 象 难 象 象 垒 象 象 垒 垒 料 料 料 使 使 使 料 料 料 料 料Taking Zhao Jun as a weak.

After that, he rate the military in two days and arrived at the distance and 50 miles, and pretended to capture the Beishan Highlands, with an advantageous terrain to start counterattack, defeated Qin Jun, solve the surroundings. After Zhao Xiaoyin was blocked, and it was as good as in the same way.

The first batch of national parks officially established

The first batch of national parks officially established

  This newspaper Beijing October 12 (Reporter Yu Jiangze) On October 12 Leopard, Hainan tropical rainforest, Wuyishan and other national parks.

  The relevant person in charge of the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau introduced that the first national park involved 10 provinces such as Qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gansu, Heilongjiang, Hainan, Fujian, and Jiangxi, all in the critical area of ??my country’s ecological security strategy pattern. Protection area reached 230,000 square kilometers, covering nearly 30% of land national focus protection wildlife plant species.

  Sanjiangyuan National Park is located in the hinterland of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, protects the area of ??10,000 square kilometers, achieving the overall protection of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, and the Yangjiang River.

The garden is widely distributed in the glacier snow mountain, high sea level wetlands, desert Gobi, alpine grassland meadow, rich ecological type, complete structural function, is a model of large-scale protection of high-precision ecosystems in Earth.

  Giant Panda National Park across Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu, protects the area of ??10,000 square kilometers, is a wild giant panda concentrated distribution area and major breeding habitat, protecting more than 70% of wild big pandas in the country.

The biodiversity in the garden is very rich, with unique natural cultural landscapes, is the biological diversity protection demonstration area, ecological value realizes the first line and world ecological education model.

Use technology to help the old Liaoning Dandong to create a "digital life" for the old community Liaoning’s old change weekly

Use technology to help the old Liaoning Dandong to create a "digital life" for the old community Liaoning’s old change weekly

Anshan: The Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress conducted special inspections on the renovation of old community on October 12, the Standing Committee of the Anshan Municipal People’s Congress conducted special inspection of the old town of Anshan City.The inspection group found the progress of the renovation of old communities such as Netong District, Tiexi District, Tiexi District, Tiexi District, Tiensishan District, Tiexi District, and listened to the work of relevant departments.

The inspection group affirmed the renovation of the old community in Anshan City, and pointed out that the old community transformation is a major people’s livelihood project to meet the beautiful life of the people and promote the high quality of economic and social development.

All relevant departments should put the specific action of promoting old-neat cells as "I do practical things for the masses", and use your heart to do good things, do things, practical; be tightly scheduled, meticulously organize implementation, strengthen supervision and management, Ensure that the old community renovation project is created into the people’s assured project, satisfied with the project. Anshan · Haicheng: With the new change "Heart" old community turned into a happy port ", the water is not blocked. Everyone is in the heart. This year can live a smooth sustain year!" Looking at the spacious road at home, Anshan Sea The residents of the Chenglingshuang Street, the streets of the city are sincere. Just a year ago, this road is still another look: the road muddy, as long as a resident in the community is difficult, then stepped into the mud pit, when he doesn’t pay attention, it will prevent the passive vehicle at any time. Possible mud water splashes. What makes everyone a headache is that the water pipeline here is often blocked, smoked and blocked, recycled … Let everyone have no choice but annoyed.

In August 2020, the rumor new village was listed as the old town renovation project of Haicheng City, with a total investment of more than 2.3 million yuan, and the area is 19,490 square meters.

The first task of construction team started by the Sea City Housing and Construction Bureau is to solve the problem of water in the new village of Wilderness.

The 1214-meter sewage pipe network is landing, in order to meet the people’s needs, it has also increased a septic tank.

The original road also re-implemented a 1904 square meter asphalt cover, a new asphalt pavement 6452 square meters, a new plaques and pavement tiles were also fully equipped. The road passed, people’s hearts, looked at the environmental changes, many residents began to safely protect the community environment, original rainy, sunny back street streets, ghouned, new vitality. Wilderingzin New Village is not only new, 5 new charging piles, 2 large door stoppers, more of the infrastructure files to upgrade, gather a lot of popularity.

This is just a microconger of the old town of Haicheng, and the Renling Zi Xin Village also has also been transformed with Fuqiang Community, Garden Garden Community, Fugui Community, Regal Community, Xinhua Three Groups, Heli Community, Fangcao Home, Mobao A total of 71 buildings in the community, benefiting 3647 households. These old communities totaled 8577 square meters of asphalt roads in these old communities, asphalt covered by 12480 square meters, newly built brick roads 13425 square meters, newly built water 2400 meters, new toothstone 3697 meters, new sewage inspection well 182, replacement of 293 sets.

The total construction area is 10,000 square meters, with a total investment of 4.5 million yuan.

Starting from the reorganization, the Haicheng opened the new journey of the national civilized city, from the old community to renovate this people’s livelihood project, humanized details, not only enhance the hard strength of creating civilized cities, but also pass the sea city city The temperature of the development, let the residents living in the old community, feel the comfort of the housing, and make the civilized creation work to the door of the masses, and do the people ‘s hearts.

Dandong · Yuanbao District: Old Community Science and Technology helps the old to build "Digital Life" smart gas meter used the latest technology of the Internet of Things, microelectronics, the biggest feature is wisdom, convenient, can realize automatic meter reading, automatic upload, gas workers Don’t pay meter reading, users can pay for online payment methods such as WeChat, Alipay, which greatly facilitates home elderly and disabled. A few days ago, 1366 smart gas meters in the residents of Jinhai Yongan Garden Community in Yuanbao District, Dandong City, 150 smart water meter installations were completed.

During the renovation of the old community in Yuanbao District, Dandong City, with "Science and Technology to help the old, intelligence and free, Hui pension", to create a "smart community, digital life".

In order to facilitate the lives of the people, especially the new situation, the elderly home pension service is adapted to the empty nest, and the Yuanbao District Government cooperates with Liaoning Sikai Technology Co., Ltd., which is funded by the government, and the gas company installation. For Jinhai Yongan Garden Community, the residents are installed, and the smart gas meter community is fully covered, and the smart water meter covers special groups such as disabled people and living alone. During the renovation of the old community, Yuanbao District gradually promoted the Internet of Things intelligent gas meter, water meter installation project.

In addition to the normal air metering function, the newly installed smart gas meter is damaged by the gas hose, and forgetting the valve, it can also perform automatic judgment, alarm, and automatic valve to avoid accidents. At the same time, the smart gas meter has intelligent monitoring function, that is, when the amount of gas is not enough within 24 hours, the system will judge that the old man has an abnormality, automatically issues an early warning to the community staff and the children of the elderly, not only to view the payment for the gas fee. Also add a security guarantee to life. Huludao · Lian Mountain: Old Community Reconstruction Warm Heart Recently, the representative of Huludao Lian Mountain Chemical Street staff gave a banner to the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau, and contributed to the contribution of the Housing and Construction Bureau in the renovation of the old community in the old community grateful. On the morning of October 8, the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau received two banners sent by Mountain Chemical Street.

The two units have held a symposium to consolidate the "last kilometer" in the old community.

12 communities in the mountains and chemical streets were transformed in 2020. Before the renovation, the community infrastructure is missing, aging, internal for a long time, road potholes are uneven, bringing a lot of inconvenience to residents.

The staff of the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau held a symposium, listening to the suggestions of representatives, communicating with the construction party, rationally formulated the renovation plan, and promoted the renovation of the old quarters in the 2020. Today, through a series of improved modifications, the old community infrastructure aging, environmental dirty, and the residents’ happiness index also enhanced in the transformation.

(Source: Liaoning Daily, Anshan Daily, Huludao Civilization Network, etc.) Editor: Liu Yang.

The Chongren County Fire Rescue Brigade advances "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities

The Chongren County Fire Rescue Brigade advances "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities

Excerpt honeycomb.

In order to do practical things for the people, do something well, solicit, and the Chongren County fire rescue brigade will take the practice activities of "I do practical things for the people". Fire propaganda, science knowledge. The promotion of the brigade walked towards the streets, schools, and units to carry out fire knowledge promotion and training.

Through the establishment of a consultation at the event site, placing a publicity board, distribute firefighting brochures and posters, etc., extensively carry out fire knowledge promotion, and combined with fire extinguishers, fire hydrants and other equipment practice effects effectively improve the national fire safety awareness. The fire is often open. More than 20 teachers and students in the jurisdiction of the jurisdictions walked into the red door to experience firefighting. Under the leadership of the big team propagandists, all teachers and students walked into the fire education education base, against the age characteristics and psychological cognition of the children, the brigade propaganda personnel The rich graphic settings in the style of the library, the fun science game, realistic scene experience, the real physical display is deeply outstanding, and it is easy to understand the fire prevention, escape self-rescue and other fire safety knowledge.

Excerpt honeycombs and solve hidden dangers.

In response to the peak of the winter horses, avoid the accident of the horse bee, and the people will eliminate hidden dangers in time to ensure safety.

Effectively solve the problem, difficult, hope, and a little thing in the people, and write a little bit of love, showing "flame blue" for the people.

(Text / Figure Chen Yuwen) (Editor: Rona, Shuai) Sharing let more people see.

Tibetan medical experts: Tibet Traditional Tibetan Medicine is constantly evolving in the inheritance

Tibetan medical experts: Tibet Traditional Tibetan Medicine is constantly evolving in the inheritance

  On July 15th, in Beijing, the United Nations Human Rights Council 44th Session ‘Cloud Club’: ‘Tibetan Cultural Inheritance and Religious Belief’ International Video Seminar, China Tibetan Research Center Tibetan Medicine Research Institute The inheritance and development of the Tibetan Temple of Jijina, Zsheren Temple, Sharing the development of Tibetan medical penetration in Tibet Autonomous Region, reflecting the gratifying situation of China’s overall flourishing.

  Introduction to Robsi, Zashunbuji Jijina 嘎 藏 医院 医院 医院 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 医 学 学 学 学 医 医 学 学 学 学 学 医 医 医 医 医 学 学 学 学 医 学 学 学 学 学 医 医 学 医 学 医 医 医 学Vigorously support, the hospital achieved unprecedented development. At present, the hospital is based on Tibetan medicine treatment, combined with Chinese medicine and Western medicine, not only introduced modern medical equipment such as B-ultrasound, CT, ECG, but also in the Tibetan Medicine, and the Tibetan Pharmaceuticals established is also based on the "four medical" Combine clinical experience, absorbing modern technology method preparations.

Now, Zashlun Temple Temple Hospital has developed a modern integrated Tibetan Medicine Hospital that combines medical, scientific research, pharmaceutical, and continuing education. In addition, the Zashunbu Temple Temple Hospital also hides an important Tibetan medical book such as "China Tibetan Medicine Photocopying Ancient Books".

The hospital has established the Tibetan Medicine Culture Center, established a Tibetan Medical Museum, not only protects and inherits the traditional Chinese culture, but also understands the Tibetan medicine culture, promoting the development of the Tibetan medicine plays an important role. Rob Zei said, "These precious ancient books have played an important role in the excavation and inheritance of Tibetan medicine. Traditional Tibetan medicine in Tibet is constantly inheriting and promoting, in the inheritance.

"The development of the Zashun Temple Temple Hospital condenses the hearts of the masters of the class Zen, inheriting national culture, serving people’s health, and actively protecting excellent Tibetan medicine culture, and cultivating medical talents play a special role. "Director of the Chinese Tibetan Research Center History Research Institute, researcher Zhang Yun believes that the successful transformation of traditional Tibetan medicine represented by the Zashun Temple Temple Hospital, let traditional Tibetan medical inheritage present new hopes, provided development Broad prospects. (Editor: Hao Jie, Diejidong).

The comprehensive system in-depth study Xi Xi Ping General Secretary "Seven" Important Speech Spirit is effectively transformed into the actual actions of the new time to the new age.

The comprehensive system in-depth study Xi Xi Ping General Secretary "Seven" Important Speech Spirit is effectively transformed into the actual actions of the new time to the new age.

Original title: Comprehensive system in-depth study, General Secretary, General Secretary, "July 1" Important Speech, Practical Transformation To promote the new age, the actual action of Xingchuan, July 5, the provincial party committee theory study center group held a special study meeting, General Secretary Xi Xi Ping at the Important Speech at the 100th Anniversary Conference celebrated the founding of the Communist Party of China, and the Provincial Party Committee Secretary Peng Qinghua hosted the meeting and speaking.

He emphasized that party organizations and majority of party members and cadres at all levels should be fully systematically learned from General Secretary of China, and the spirit of "July 1", and eat spiritual essence, grasp the core elements, and profoundly understand the historical logic, theoretical logic, practice logic. , Do the letter of trust, learning, do not forget the initiative, keep in mind the mission, continue to struggle, and effectively transform the results of learning results to promote the new era of Xingchuan and then put the power and actual actions of the new steps. The Party History Learning Education Central Eighth Instrumentation Group Leader Baron Chao Lu arrived and speaking. At the meeting, members of the Provincial Party Theory Learning Center Group revolves around the learning theme, combined with ideas and work practical, and speaks.

Everyone talked about that General Secretary Xi Jinping’s "July" is important, based on the major moments of the Communist Party of China and the "two-year-old" historical intersection, look back on the glorious history, painting the bright future, the high house construction, the deep thinking The connotation is rich, reflects far-reaching strategic thinking, strong history, sincerely, condensed the theoretical essence of Xi Jinping’s socialist thinking, put our party to the Communist Party to ruling the law, socialist construction law The understanding of the law of human social development has increased to a new height, a Marxist programming literature full of truth.

"Seven" important speech solemnly declares that a well-off society is comprehensively completed, and it is a political declaration of the Chinese Communist Party. Nowadays, now and the future of the strong epic; enhanced the spirit of the Chinese Communist Party’s hardening forging forging forging forging forged forging, is a deep revelation of our party’s Changqing’s "winning password"; system interpretation is based on history Nine must be "leading the people of all nationalities in the whole country to achieve the Chinese nation’s great revival of the Chinese dream, for the new era, the new journey further indicated the forward direction and provided fundamental follows. Everyone will guide learning to implement the "July 1" important speech as the current and future major political tasks, as the core content of the party history, effectively put the ideas and the actions to the important speech, continue to implement the people For unremitting efforts to a beautiful life, strive to strive for greater glory for the party and people. Peng Qinghua pointed out that when the study experience, Peng Qinghua pointed out that the Chinese Communist Party is the leader of the founder of New China and the Chinese national rejuvenation, it is worthy of great, glorious, and correct Marxist party.

We must not shake and strengthen the party’s comprehensive leadership, the "two big politics", keep in mind the "big people", always loyal core, maintenance of the core, to see the core, to ensure that the Juxingchuan career is guided along General Secretary of Xi Jinping The direction is firm. Marxism demonstrates powerful truth in our party revolution, construction, and reform, and continuously promoting Marxism China is the sacred responsibility of the Communists. We must not shake the guidance of Marxism, and firmly use the party’s innovation theory to arm the mind, guide practice, and promote work.

Socialism with Chinese characteristics is that the party and the people have suffered thousands of hardships, pay huge costs and sacrifice, is the only correct road to realize the great revival of the Chinese nation.

We must not shake the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, grasp the new development stage, implement new development concepts, integrate new development patterns, and strive to achieve higher quality, more efficient, more fair, more secure, and safer development . Peng Qinghua pointed out that the people’s hearts relate to the party’s life and death, winning the people’s trust, and got people’s support is the source of strength of our party. We must always build the people-centered development thoughts, put the people at the highest position in the heart, and consciously stand in the people’s position and think about problems, make decisions, business, and make greater progress in practical practices to do.

Breaking the self-revolution is a significant sign from the Communist Party of China to other political parties to ensure that they must continue to advance the party’s new great projects to the forefront. We must keep in mind that the tribe is still required, and the party’s political construction is comprehensive strengthening the party’s construction, providing strong political guarantee for the development of the cause. Realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the distinctive theme of our party’s 100-year struggle, with history as a training, and the future must promote the spirit of great Justice party, and firmly move toward the second hundred years of struggle.

We must always keep modesty and cautious, unauthorized style, always maintain a tenacious festival, ethics, courage, hard work, pioneering and innovation, create innocent, innovative, worthy of the party, worthy of the people’s performance.

  Peng Qinghua emphasized that the spirit of the "July 1", General Secretary, General Secretary, is a process of normally studying, continuous deepening.

The party committee (Party group) at all levels (Party) must be involved in learning and implementing the major political responsibility of the "July" important speech, carefully organizes special learning and discussion, and continuously enrichs the connotation of the party history education, driving to the deep, go Take it in it in it.

All levels of propaganda departments should carry out in-depth, and to the grassroots, all-oriented, distributive, interactive preaching, party academic schools (administrative schools), and cadres and cadres need to integrate them into cadres’ theoretical learning and training education. Higher education institutions It is necessary to make important teaching materials for teachers and students’ ideological and political education. The grassroots party organizations at all levels must conscientiously implement the direct education management party members, promote the important functions of the police, guide the cadres and the masses to continue to understand, guide the majority of party members, do not forget the initiative, remember the mission ,Keep going. Babon Chao Lu pointed out in his speech that everyone speaking, talking, understanding, and saying that it is intended to know the height, and there is a deep thinking, and there is a high quality learning meeting. According to the unified deployment of the Party Central Committee, study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Important Speech is a major political task in the current and future period. It is necessary to adhere to deep understanding, integrate through, guide party members and cadres original, repeated persistent, and literal words. Adhere to carefully planning, overall, actively promote the innovation of learning education methods for different levels, different fields, different objects, and focus on the pertinence and effectiveness of learning education. Adhere to the leadership, the leading cadres above the county level must take the lead in learning, the party committee (Party group) must personally grasp, take the lead in the leadership, the members of the leader must fulfill the "one post and double responsibility", relevant functional departments and units must do everything The job, close cooperation, integrating, forming the working cooperation of the context of the upper and lower parties, and grasping the work together. To transform the learning and harvest into the inexhaustible motivation to promote work, learn from the new chapter of Jinchengchuan, and make Sichuan’s new contribution to the new hundred years of brilliance. Participation in the eighth guiding group of the Central Committee, and the relevant departments of the relevant departments are responsible for comrades. (Sichuan Daily full media reporter Zhang Shuo Shuai) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Luo Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Uitvoerig hervormingen verdiepen – China markeerde de weg naar nieuwe hoogten

Uitvoerig hervormingen verdiepen – China markeerde de weg naar nieuwe hoogten

"In de wortels van de overwinning Alexander’s, kunnen mensen altijd Aristoteles.

"Voor ontwikkeld in China, de hervorming en wat het betekent, wat de hervorming heeft een nieuwe propositie geproduceerd? Sinds de partij 18, de gehele partij en de samenleving hebben gewacht op hervorming van de CPC-Centraal Comite wordt genomen, en kijken uit naar het bevorderen van de hervorming van epistemologie , methodologie.

Hoe de hervormingen voort te zetten is niet alleen een noodzakelijke voorwaarde voor duurzame en gezonde ontwikkeling te bereiken, maar ook een toekomstige grote projecten met betrekking tot China, of een directe test van de mogelijkheid om te regeren.

"Er is geen hervorming en openstelling, is er geen Chinese vandaag, morgen zal er geen China", "zonder het invullen van de hervorming en openstelling alleen wanneer uitgevoerd."

2012 07-11 december, de partij 18 sluiting minder dan een maand, secretaris-generaal Xi Jinping kwam tot de voorhoede van de hervorming en openstelling, Guangdong onderzoek; spoedig na terugkomst van Guangdong, 31 december 2012, de algemene secretaris Xi Jinping gehost The tweede Politbureau gezamenlijke studie, het thema onwankelbaar duw hervorming en opening. Met kameraad Xi Jinping als algemeen secretaris van de CPC-Centraal Comite, van historische ervaring en zeer praktische behoeften, de zeer uitvoerig begint te verdiepen hervormingen geplaatst in een belangrijke positie, geselecteerd door volledig hervormingen om nieuwe historische Pass breken verdiepen, is het te hopen aan het rijden golven Chinese schip naar voren, op zoek naar een meer open water, want de steeds veranderende kaart van de wereld, om een meer solide basis te bouwen.

Aangezien de partij 18, Xi Jinping, algemeen secretaris rond de uitgebreide verdiepen hervorming maakte een serie van briljante expositie, de vorming van een "alomvattende verdiepen hervorming begrip" diep beantwoord waarom zou volledig hervormingen verdiepen en hoe volledig hervormingen en andere belangrijke theoretische en praktische vraagstukken te verdiepen, vooral in het tijdperk van de stahoogte, de multi-angle, volledige gamma van het theoretische denken te hervormen, start een nieuwe reis volledig te verdiepen hervormingen.

Derde plenaire vergadering van 18 diepgaande analyse van de belangrijkste theoretische en praktische aspecten van de hervorming, ontwikkeling en stabiliteit tegenover verduidelijking van de betekenis van de uitgebreide verdiepen hervorming en de toekomstige richting van de partij, naar voren gebracht de leidende ideologie van uitgebreide verdiepen hervorming, doelstellingen, taken, belangrijk principes, toont de nieuwe blauwdruk voor een uitgebreide verdieping van de hervorming, nieuwe visie, nieuwe doelen, rationele verdeling van de verdieping van de hervorming van de strategische focus, prioriteiten, de belangrijkste richting, werkingsmechanisme, voortstuwing en dienstregelingen, routes, het samenbrengen van een uitgebreid verdiepen hervorming van de nieuwe idee?n van de nieuwe rechter, nieuwe initiatieven, de vorming van een reeks grote theoretische doorbraak en hervormingsbeleid, is uitgegroeid tot de wetenschappelijke richtlijnen en actieprogramma van onze partij in de nieuwe historische uitgangspunt en volledig hervormingen te verdiepen.

Zoals commentatoren woorden, China’s hervormingen en de openstelling van 30 jaar van de geschiedenis heeft zijn eigen logica en de logica van de ontwikkeling, en het knooppunt belang is vier keer de resolutie of de beslissing van de Derde Plenum van de formatie. In 1978 de derde plenaire zitting, het markeren van de offici?le lancering van de hervorming en openstelling.

1984 Derde plenaire vergadering van de partij 12, markeren het begin van de economische hervormingen in China in het algemeen. 1993 derde plenaire zitting van de Veertiende partij, het markeren van de hervorming en openstelling heeft een nieuw tijdperk systeem ingevoerd.

Volgens deze logica verandert de logische ontwikkeling en institutionele hervormingen, de partij 18 Derde plenaire zitting van het "CPC Centrale Commissie een aantal belangrijke kwesties met betrekking tot Uitvoerig verdieping van de hervorming", geeft aan dat China een "alomvattende verdiepen hervorming," de nieuwe fase is ingegaan .

Een nieuwe fase van uitgebreide verdieping hervormingen, moeten we eerst begrijpen dat de "status" van de hervorming.

"Hervorming en openstelling is de sleutel om een truc te beslissen over het lot van het hedendaagse China, maar ook besloten om een belangrijke truc ‘tweehonderd jaar’ doel te implementeren, het realiseren van de grote verjonging van de Chinese natie.

"Hervorming en openstelling van de partij bij de mensen van alle nationaliteiten in het nieuwe tijdperk te leiden onder omstandigheden van grote nieuwe revolutie, is van de meest kenmerkende Chinese kenmerken, het is om het lot van het hedendaagse China van vitaal belang voor de partij en de mensen van de oorzaak vast te stellen belangrijke stappen in te halen met de tijd magische wapen.

Deze "vier is" volledig toont aan dat onze partij voor de hervorming en open te stellen voor een diepgaand begrip van de strategische betekenis van de ontwikkeling van China te bevorderen, is de fundamentele basis voor een volledige verdieping van de hervorming. Een nieuwe fase van uitgebreide verdieping hervorming, de sleutel is om de hervorming van het begrijpen "volledig te zijn."

Sinds 1978 heeft China’s hervormingen en de openstelling van geleidelijke aanpak ondergaan, van het lokale tot het volledige van kwantitatieve naar kwalitatieve ontwikkeling proces, zijn er periodieke, cumulatieve, historische veranderingen geweest. Uitgebreide verdiepen hervorming, uitgebreide wie moet co?rdineren om hervormingen op verschillende gebieden te bevorderen, moeten we moeten in totaal het doel, maar ook om de hervormingen in verschillende gebieden ultieme antwoord is voor wat te bevorderen, wat voor soort vragen aan de algemene krijgen resultaat. Als algemeen secretaris Xi Jinping wees erop :. "Het project is zeer ambitieus, niet stukje bij beetje aangepast, fragmentatie reparatie niet werkt, we moeten hervormen en te verbeteren totale systeem, is de hervorming op diverse terreinen en een verbeterde koppeling en integratie" Deze belangrijke exposities, onthult de fase kenmerken van uitgebreide verdiepen hervorming, het weerspiegelt onze partij het begrip van de verdieping van de hervorming en systematisch.

Een nieuwe fase van uitgebreide verdieping hervormingen, moeten we de hervorming van het begrijpen "gids." Een filosoof zei, als u begint met de bevestigend, wordt de kwestie gebonden is aan eind, als u begint met de kwestie zal eindigen in zekerheden.

We Chinese communisten revolutie, de bouw en de hervorming en gearresteerd, is altijd geweest om de praktische problemen in China op te lossen.

We kunnen zeggen dat de hervorming wordt geproduceerd door de geforceerde problemen, maar ook voortdurend problemen op te lossen verdiept.

Vandaag de dag moet uitgebreide hervorming zo’n sterke "probleem bewustzijn" te grote problemen geori?nteerde en de focus op de belangrijkste onderwerpen voor verder onderzoek denken, de inspanningen om de afwikkeling van een reeks van de uitstaande tegenstrijdigheden en problemen waar we voor staan in ontwikkeling te bevorderen vereisen. Het kan worden gezegd, omdat de partij 18, "hervorming" van de bekende woorden, werd verwezen naar een hoger niveau, krijgt meer betekenis, injecteren groter momentum.

Onder begeleiding van "alomvattende verdieping hervorming" -strategie, lang hard pushen om de bus hervorming, begonnen te verplaatsen, dat stedelijke en landelijke huishouden registratie systeem, om het ijs te breken, veel administratieve goedkeuring items, of te annuleren …… decentralisatie gerichte hervormingen in vele jaren van vooruitgang te bevorderen een sterke, tegenstrijdige belangen van sommige diepgewortelde geleidelijk doorbraak, meer en meer mensen echt voelen wat wordt genoemd "ijzeren greep heeft een stempel, opstapje verblijf in India", wat zal zijn " de meest overtuigende actie", wat is ‘voor de hervorming van de mensen.’

Reform, omgezet in het oog springende label uitspraak, gecondenseerd in de grootste tijdperk van consensus, die belast is met het welzijn van miljoenen mensen dromen.

Those years living in Beijing, movies we have chased together

Those years living in Beijing, movies we have chased together

Recommended reading 2021-11-1211: 40 Bugs of White Heroni foraging in Hutang County, Jiujiang City, Poyang Lake, habitat. At the early winter, Poyang Lake fell below the fine water level, became the assembly of all kinds of migratory birds. 2021-11-1210: 122021-11-1111: 122021 Yuxi County cotton planting area of ??1.02 million mu, of which 990,000 mu of implementation of cotton cultivation mode, seeded, chemically roof, and mechanized mining collection, After production, this year’s seed cotton has produced 426 kg / mu, which increases kilograms / mu, and the level of cotton scientific growth management is continuously improved, and cotton cultivation is mechanized.

2021-11-1111: 11 China Baowu Ouya Chain Gold In the first green smart factory built into the metal regeneration resource industry, continue to practice "double carbon" commitment, introduce solar photovoltaic power generation project, can provide clean energy 14 million for national grids each year Kauching time.

2021-11-1011: 01 In recent years, Fuyang County, Guizhou Province has actively promoted the "medical combination" new pension model through integration of pension and medical resources, and creating a medical center integrating pension care, medical rehabilitation, leisure and entertainment. Provide the elderly to provide the old man to enjoy his old age.

2021-11-0911: 222021-11-0811: 10, Fuyang City, Hubei Province, "Advocating Renren Sports, create a better life" "100 million" series of events – 2021 The game was held. This competition is divided into three categories of personal racing, individual flower samples, group competitions, two groups of adult groups and youth groups, aimed at passing jumping rope activities, driving national fitness boom, creating people in the city, people love sports, everyone A good atmosphere of love fitness. 2021-11-0810: 02 Fujian Province Sending Substation Corporation Sea Cable Decoration Team to organize the party members’ rescue team to go to the island survey point, the wind is rain, not afraid of cold, take three classes inverted continuous operation, staying all day and night The sea cable is cut and defective, the insulation measurement, and the repair of the sea cable and its internal fiber, which is expected to be completed before November 8.

2021-11-0810: 00 November 4, 2021, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province, Yunmei County West Ring Road, the shadow hall is playing a wonderful cloud dream leather, "Yang Jia will", many middle-aged and old age audiences have seen 津 津.

2021-11-0511: 29 Wuhu, Anhui Province, I found a beautiful body, dragging long tail, feathers, and foraging from the forest from time to time.

After identification by professionals, the bird is white and belongs to the national secondary protected animal.

2021-11-0511: 20 In order to further strengthen new coronal pneumonia epidemic regular prevention, Huzhou City Deqing County Zhongtu Town party member disinfection small team actively cooperates with the bus station to do a good job of disinfection, temperature measurement, propaganda, and implement the bus stop "One is sterilized", a ventilation time is not less than 15 minutes, while reminding passengers, we must wear a mask and do its own protection. 2021-11-0511: 17 This year, Qingdao Qianwan Bondang District Taxation Bureau focuses on "going out" enterprise tax-related demand, with intelligence tax building as a goal, according to "credit + intelligent" mode, create "self-trade omitary tax" New formats, to "go out" enterprises to expand foreign markets to provide tax intelligence and strength. 2021-11-0511: 17 Persimmon in Wuyuan County, Shandong Province ushered in the processing season, local farmers stepped up with the sunny weather to peeled, drying and processing, and persimmon processing became a special industry in the late autumn season. one. 2021-11-0511: 07 On November 3, 2021, Jiangsu Huai’an, college students played at the Games.

2021-11-0411: 28 November 3, 2021, the first primary school in Luoyang Road, Qingdao watched the four-footed machine dog presentation in the artificial intelligent exhibition hall.

2021-11-0411: On October 30, 2021, located in the navigation of Nanjiang County in Pakinean City, Sichuan Province, the best viewing period, the autumn color, the tourists are in the beautiful scenery of the golden autumn. 2021-11-0411: 26 Nanpi County, Hebei Province, from Gu Jiwu, as the Erlang Boxing of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hebei Province, is more widely passed, the county’s Erlang Xialu performance team, in "Russian-Chinese Culture Year", etc. More than 1400 awards were obtained, adding a bright color to the country.

2021-11-0317: 0517, 2, the primary school students in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province, dressed in national costumes and danced to participate in the sports festival. 2021-11-0311: 29.

Ruisi, Zhejiang: Look at "Zhejiang" to achieve leapfrog development in Qingshan green water

Ruisi, Zhejiang: Look at "Zhejiang" to achieve leapfrog development in Qingshan green water

  The mountains bring unique resources, and it has hindered the development footsteps. Over the years, these mountainous counties have been promoted to economic advantages to economic advantages, accumulating the special industries such as agriculture and forestry, cultural, ecological industries, but there are also short plates that have insufficient potential release, and green development is not sufficient. Analysis shows that 26 counties in Zhejiang Mountains and Netherlands, Switzerland have similar geographical environment and ecological environments. Drawing on the development experience of advanced countries, find the power of the industrial development, choose the right, green, and vast industries that have broad industries. Grab the opportunity, Zhangzhou decided to jump out of the old road of traditional urban development, revolve around the "four provinces’ marginal central cities" goals, "bridgehead" in the development of beautiful economy and digital economy; Lishui aims at "Poems Zhejiang Garden Most Beautiful Core Area" positioning Construction of the city of Lianqing, the core belt, Suongsong Village Revitalization, Dragon, Longqing Classic Wencheng, Yunjing Specialty, Falling District, etc. "A belt three districts", promote the green industry iteration upgrade … Internet, big data, Artificial intelligence and mountain "same box" seem to have a violation, but with 5G and other technologies widely used, the digital economy has broken through the time and space limit, the Internet "big factory" is indeed from "cloud" into the mountain.

There is a voice that is confused, these Internet "big factories", industry "big cattle" or other head companies, can you grow in the mountains? However, the answer is certain. Today, the word "big factory" has become the hot words in Mountain County.

"Shen Xian is gathered on the bank, the academician gathering innovation.

"This is the two sentences in the Chinese Academy of Engineering Money Qi Tiger, the poems, and the first batch of Taizhou (Xianju), one of Zhejiang Academician,".

"Big Coffee Collection" blows in the mountain county, and colleges and universities are frequently unveiled in the mountains. Not long ago, the seniors of a European major group received a survey report: in the production and sales base of 34 countries and regions around the world, the staff satisfaction is the highest satisfaction, is located in the Yunyun County base in the mountainous area of ??Zhejiang Province. "We will continue to play an existing advantage, enhance the appeal of the factors such as market, capital, talents, and systemically promote innovation and empowerment, digital communication, and explore the innovation comparison advantage.

"For the future, the relevant person in charge of Zhangzhou is full of period. This is also the common expectation of 26 counties in the mountains.