2021 summer and autumn, Hunan Airlines opened 9 domestic routes – Xinhuanet – Hunan

  Changsha Evening News Changsha March 25 (full media reporter Wu Ying Chi correspondent Lin Meng Yu) starts on March 28th, national civil aviation will usher in the summer and autumn.

The reporter was learned today, Hunan Airlines will open Changsha in Xiaqiu = Turpan, Wuxi = Urumqi, Wuxi = Zhangjiajie = Zhuhai and other domestic routes, opened up Urumqi, Turpan, Cangzhou, Kaili and other new destination city, continued Passengers offer high quality convenient air travel services. After the seasons in summer and autumn, Hunan Airlines further optimizes route capacity layout, and 33 navigation routes in China.

Key to increase the overnight capacity of the main base Changsha, reach 5 aircraft, new Changsha = Wuxi = Harbin, Changsha = Yantai, Changsha = Turpan route, continuously improved the network network network in Changsha to help "Changsha four-hour aviation economic circle" Construction. Wuxi entering and exporting port, new Wuxi = Urumqi, Wuxi = Zhangjiajie = Zhuhai, Wuxi = Yibin = Xining, Wuxi = Yantai = Kaili and other routes.

In addition, Yantai = Zhangjiajie = Zhuhai, Baoshan = Luzhou and other routes have strengthened the main base to northwest, Southwest China, and China.

  In addition, after the quarter of the summer, Hunan Airlines launched more preferential products, passengers pass the official website, the official small program platform can be booked to a variety of members exclusive products, through the Tongxing, Ctrip, etc. OTA platform, "Lake Xiang Special", "Young Elderly Special", "round-trip special" preferential products.

In addition, Hunan Airlines is also divided into Tongxi, Ctrip and other OTA platform launched machine + hotel coupons, machine + train 爱上海sh419论坛 ticket, machine + transfer voucher, machine + free change period, etc., by booking Hunan Airlines at the OTA platform, Buy a related label product, get the corresponding value-added rights after the booking is successful, and various types of machine + X value-added products are more cost-effective and attractive. The majority of travel passengers can enter Hunan Airlines official website (), small procedures participate in membership day activities per month, special ticket spike, member points draw, birthday month free ticket coupon, special surrounding products, etc., super welfare Keep it.

Hunan Airlines reminds people with travel programs, some flights may be adjusted at the time, the time period and flight number during the season, and pay attention to the flight departure date, time and flight number to avoid delay 爱上海同城论坛网址 it.


Guangxi Donglan: Stone Sewing "Hook" Export Industry

At the core demonstration area of ??the mushrooms, workers are picking a fungus. The People’s 上海喝茶龙凤 Network Peng Yuanhe photo Yangxiang is a nna near the eating bacteria in Guangxi. After the base, she has become the first employee, mainly responsible for counting. She said, work 8 hours a day, monthly income of about 3,400 yuan. In the base, near-employment not only increases income, but also cares for a family. Huang Wenying, the head of the base, said that he has been engaged in edible bacteria for more than ten 上海KB论坛 years, and has been investigated many places, and finally chooses Donglan, not only because of the ecological environment of Donglan, but more important, Donglan’s rich chestnut trunk is produced. Bar material. Donglan County puts the edible bacterial industry as the leading industry of developing modern and efficient agriculture, and timely solves the water supply, power supply, roads, transportation, etc. in time. Cooperation between enterprises and local mainly adopted the "Government + Enterprise + Base + Cooperative + Farmers".

Among them, the government integrates farming funds 14.7 million, and as a group of 147 administrative villages establish a collective economic fixed asset stock share, commissioning the company for operation, and the collective of various villages in the county can be divided into 10%. In addition, the company provides strains and technical guidance, and is responsible for the sale of products. 28, all the counties organized 28 production cooperatives, and farmers also used their own small courtyards to cultivate edible bacteria, bacteria bursts. At present, the edible bacterial base has become a "vegetable basket" base in Shenzhen, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Duwan District, "vegetable basket" production base and Guangxi supply Shenzhen agricultural product demonstration base. According to statistics provided by the county agricultural departments, 2020 production of bacteria, production tons, driving the 147 villages of the county to achieve a total of 10,000 yuan, driving 448 households to achieve more than 10,000 years Yuan.

Wildlife Nanwang "Division", Datong Township, Datong Township, China is one of the small Sower Sohannels in the county, and is also a typical reservoir area, because the gates of the rock beach hydropower is flooded by most land. Only there are not many wild rolls.

In 2016, the village created the Xinhe oil tea industry base to create a million mu of oil tea industry.

According to Lu Rongqiao, Secretary of the Party Branch of Xinhe Village, At present, Xinhe Village is currently 12,000 acres of oil tea plantation. 2019 more than 800,000 yuan, with more than 800,000 yuan, a total of 1000 mu of results in 2020, the output value of 1 million yuan, it is expected that about 5,000 mu of flowering results at the end of 2021, the output value of 5 million yuan. Next, Xinhe Village will lead the people to adjust the industrial structure in accordance with the "three three-nursery" work ideas, big through industrial development, using labor models, leading the head, cooperatives + farmers, etc., expand the oil tea plantation Size, build product processing plants, truly do the oil tea industry to make great achievements, and increasingly increasingly.


Buir: Leading more staff members to get rich

  [Chongde to the Shan Ming Li] Tianshan Net – Xinjiang Daily reporter Mi-Japan Gu Li · I have no party’s good policy, there is no happiness today. As an old party member, I have to lead more staff people to get rich. The 8th National Moral Model Nomation Award, the No. 5th National Shuanghe City, the fifth division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Shuanghe City, the eighty-four regiments, the trip, said.

  Lifting Buir, the people of Eighty and Fourth Group have no thumbs up. Over the years, Bu is a remembering the initial mission of the Communist Party, and the true feelings of the employees, insist on helping others, poverty alleviation, and accumulate more than 100 million people to buy production materials for nearly 100 people, to help more than 70 employees Developing planting industry, the aquaculture income is rich, and there is no regrets.

  In 1963, the party’s granary of the party, Buhan has come to eight4 regiments from Xiayi County, Henan Province to become a pastor.

Although the work and the living environment is hard, it is still a taste of the days.

  In 1981, the group was implemented by the family joint contracting responsibility system, and the Buhan did not hesitate to stand up. The contract was contracted with 300 sheep and 200 acres of waste, and made a family farm. Three years later, he became a famous rich enormous hand. The party’s good policy makes me have been a good day, and I will also repay it for a lifetime.

Buy is in my heart. In 1986, Buhan has joined the Chinese Communist Party. Since then, the purpose of serving the people is deeply tied in his heart. The eighty-four regiments are the hail multiparty area. In the early 1990s, the flooding facilities in the group were behind, a hail, and the people of the workers a year have a whole white fee.

The company has been rich in the company to pay 30,000 yuan, purchased an overwhelmic gun, and donated to the group without compensation.

Over the years, he has continued to build a group infrastructure, and the donation of 爱上海同城对对碰 education is more than 30 million yuan.

  If you don’t forget that the country is a rich, it’s rich. Lead everyone is rich together, I want to help more people live a good day.

This is a sentence that Bu.

  In 1996, due to lack of planting technology and management experience, eighty-four regiments Sanlian employee Hu Guangzhi and friends contracted land for a loss.

Hu Guangzhi, who walked without the way, found Buen to seek help, and Buir immediately took out 70,000 yuan for him to contract 120 acres of land, and encouraged: profit all, if you lose, even if you lose. Don’t be afraid, let go of the courage. Bu is now taught them to sowing production, taking care of each production process.

One year, Hu Guangzhi planted cotton won the harvest.

  In 2001, Bu City 上海美女经纪工作室 was appointed as the eighty four groups.

He introduced corn, oilflower, sauce with tomato, etc. Under the leadership of Bu City, 2005, eighty-four regiments three-year-old crop yield has the highest history of history, and the members of the employees have a pure income of 10,000 yuan.

  Continue to pass light and heat on the way to lead the staff to get rich and well-off, and the operation has never stopped. In 2005, it was still worked in the people after retirement. He has built a loan investment into a corn drying plant and a drip fertilizer water equipment processing plant. All employees in the production positions are prioritized, and more than 20 difficulties and workers have realized employment at home and have stable income.

  I didn’t have the technology before, and the land is not good. I can’t earn a few more money a year. Buy I have a time to come to me, teach me, and let me go to the factory.

I now have a fixed income every month, but I have earned more than 200,000 yuan last year. Eighty-four regiments Sanlian employee Amanda River Dark Dulle said. In 2019, the investment of 400,000 yuan, built two modern farmhouse, purchased 30 varieties of cattle development aquaculture industry, expanded the breeding scale to 90 this year. I planned to build 6 cow circles in the next few years, so that more employees can get rich income. It is expecting that it is looking forward to it.

  In these years, Bu is awarded the national outstanding party members, the national labor model, the moral model of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

  After the epidemic of the new crown pneumonia, Bu is now shipping to support the prevention and control of group epidemic, and a one-time donation of 1 million yuan.

My growth is inseparable from the care and cultivation of the party. I will continue to play the model leading to transfer light and heat for more employees.



Beijing Winter Olympics Ice Project Venue

  National Speed ??Slide.

  Xinhua News Agency issued ■ National Swimming Center National Swimming Center, also known as "Water Cube."

During the 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics, "Water Cube" will be converted to "Ice Cube", as a curling project, wheelchair curling project.

  Through "water ice conversion", the National Swimming Center as a "Shuang Ou" can freely switch between "water functions" and "Ice", and there is a capacity to carry out water sports, ice movement and various large-scale activities. . After the game, the museum will continue to switch between the swim season and ice, three seasons in spring and summer, for water sports, winter use to carry out ice exercise.

  ■ National Stadium National Stadium has held projects in 2008 Olympic gymnastics, trampoline.

Winter Olympics men’s ice hockey and winter disabled will be held after the transformation. After the venue, in addition to carrying out the ice hockey, you can also carry out items such as skating, short track speed and other projects, and have multi-functional conversion capabilities in summer motion.

  After the new renovation upgrade, the total area of ??the venue is about 10,000 square meters.

In the 5 ice venues of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Disabled, the national stadium has the largest area, the number of seats, the most participating athletes, and the complex events make up. ■ National Speed ??Sliding National Speed ??Sliding Museum is also known as "ice ribbon", is the only new ice competition venue in Beijing Winter Olympics, and the "Bird’s Nest" "Water Cube" to form the landmark building of "Shuang Oly" City. The National Speed ??Sliding Hall has the largest full ice design in Asia, with a ice surface area of ??10,000 square meters.

At the same time, "Ice Ribbon" is the first speed skating field in Winter Olympics as a 上海sn外菜论坛 refrigerant, which will bear the competition of speed skating projects, producing 14 gold medals, is a single venue in the Winter Olympics.

  ■ The capital gym of the capital is built in 1968. It is the first artificial indoor ice rink in China, held the 2008 Beijing Olympic volleyball match. During the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, there will be a short track speed slip and the figure skating competition 上海百花丛登录入口 task, producing 14 gold medals.

  The Capital Gymnasium is the first completion of the first completion of the Beijing Winter Olympics: The appearance "is old as the old", continuing the classics; the venue focuses on "the most beautiful ice" to create a better viewing experience.

  ■ Wukesong Sports Center Wukesong Sports Center is the Beijing 2008 Olympic basketball competition site. At present, the conversion of two game modes of ice hockey and basketball can be implemented within 6 hours. It is the first venue in the country’s two professional sports events in the game. During the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Wukesong Sports Center will host the women’s ice hockey project. After the Winter Olympics, the Wukesong Sports Center will become a general venues that can host ice hockey, short track speed, and three tricks.

  He Lanhui sort out (editor: Zhao Xinyue, Yang Guangyu) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.


Agent’s exterior routine is deeply inflated, and the recruitment is careful!

[] [Font size] [] Original title: Docked "Agent Raising" Black Hand November 16th, China Silver China Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission once again tips for "agent reflexive" risk.

Previously, in the incomplete statistics, the SPC regulatory commissions and regulators of the "Agency Agent" have more than 50 times. Obviously, "Agent Supplement" has become a huge hidden danger that endanger the healthy development of insurance industry. The so-called proxy is quantitatively, that is, insurance consumers make third-party (institutions or individuals) with their own name.

Survey is a normal behavior in insurance investment in insurance, but has become a non-cultural instrument of criminals in recent years. As can be seen from statistics, malicious agency is no longer an occasional phenomenon. The product type covers various types of insurance, universal insurance, health insurance, critical illness insurance, accident insurance, etc., and even relaxation guarantee insurance, hit Illegal agents are becoming an important area of ??insurance supervision. In July of this year, the Bank of China issued the "Notice on the Work of the Banking Insurance Industry Normalization", and incorporates "misleading or ingredients for non-normal definition" into the insurance industry.

  However, the agent is more concealed, and the criminals often pretend as a regulatory authority, legal workers or financial institutions, and cooperate with the supervision department, "there is internal resources", etc., by telephone, WeChat, network and other means Listed can handle full amount, escape debt, repair letter, etc. After deceiving the consumption of trust, hit the "Acting Rights", using the fact that the facts, providing false information, etc., to make a malicious complaint, reaching the purpose of the funds to obtain commissions. For regulatory agencies, combating agents retreats in an objective problem such as difficulty, qualitative, and other objective problems, and the combination of agents is difficult to rapidly improve, more is in risk tips.

In this regard, it is recommended that the regulatory layer further strengthens the promotion and will be widely reported.

This process will objectively promote the overall improvement of social insurance awareness, and improve the efficiency of regulatory efficiency.

  What is worth paying attention is that in recent investment, the Chinese Insurance Industry Association Personal Insurance Professional Committee established a special working group of "Agent Anti-Insive" risk and is currently being carried out. The focus focuses on the operational process of the agency’s retreat industry chain, 上海浦东最新油压 and establishing a combat mechanism for preventing the agency and the agency.

It is expected that the regulatory body will have a further action after sufficient investigation. However, it is necessary to curb the spread of the agency and the spread of this unscrupulous phenomenon. The most important thing is to do the big insurance industry itself, let more people agree with insurance, improve the will of insurance. Specifically to the industry operation, we must first solve the misleading of front-end sales, which is the most intuitive root of the extent.

Insurance agents need to give consumers to spend different feature of different insurance products in terms of terms, income distribution, cost deduction, etc., especially for insurance products with financial management attributes.

When 上海外滩419会所哪家好 consumers are fully understood, it is clear that it is clear that it will be insured in white, and the risk will naturally be a lot. Secondary client services and claims should also synchronize efficient cooperation, focusing on each of the provisions that may have an exemption, and timely resolve risks. Its third should use insurance technology to more intelligently manage risk. For example, can use new technologies to provide more retroactive means for insurance sales in the premise of protecting consumer rights and regulating insurance sales, allowing agents to have no vacant drillation, completely cut off the black hand of the agent.汇 EDUCATION SCIENCE & CULTURE MAGAZINE. 汇 EDUCATION SCIENCE & CULTURE MAGAZINE.


A new round of professional and technical talent knowledge update project starts implementation

People’s Network Beijing October 11 (Reporter Sun Jing) Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources Social Security, Ministry of Finance, Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, China Academy of Sciences, decided to implement a new round of professional and technical 阿拉爱上海sh419 personnel knowledge update projects.

According to reports, the project is in-depth implementation of the strategy and innovation driving development strategy, focusing on science and technology self-improvement, focusing "card neck", focusing high quality development, focusing on national major strategy, with talent capacity construction as the core, to cultivate high level , Urgent need for 上海闵行水磨验证 shortage and key professional and technical personnel, focusing on my country’s economic structure optimization, economic and social high quality development and independent innovation capacity, mainly in new generation information technology, biotechnology, new energy, new materials, high-end equipment, new energy vehicles , Green environmental protection and aerospace, marine equipment, etc. Professional and technical personnel continue education system construction. The project has four key sub-projects: First, advanced training projects, according to high levels, small-scale, heavy feature requirements, each year 300 senior national high-level training classes, cultivate 20,000 high-level professional technical talents and management management Talent. The second is the professional and technical personnel ability to improve the project, to update the knowledge structure, master advanced technology, improve professional level, improve innovation capacity as the main content, and cultivate 900,000 professional technical talents every year. The third is the cultivation project of digital technology engineers, mainly for artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, digital management, intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet, virtual reality, block chain, integrated circuit and other digital technical skills, implement standardized training, Socialization evaluation, annual training of three thousand people in training digital technology skills.

The fourth is the construction project of national professional and technical personnel continuing education base. It is the construction of a number of national continuing education bases, establishing an exit mechanism, implement dynamic management, synchronous promotion training projects, expert teachers, teaching materials, topics, online learning, etc. Best to play the platform role of the base cultivating talents.

It is reported that in order to implement the "National Medium and Long Talent Development Plan (2010-2020)", 2011-2020, the Ministry of Human Resources Social Security, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Chinese Academy of Sciences implemented the first round Professional technical talent knowledge update project. For 10 years in the project, in 12 key areas such as equipment manufacturing, information, biotechnology, new materials and modern logistics, intellectual property, food safety, etc. 200 national-level professional and technical personnel continuing education bases, completing a multi-year high-level high-level urgent need for professional and technical personnel training tasks.

The implementation of the project, agglomerates the extensive consensus of the whole society, promotes the "lifelong learning" and learning social construction, improve the urgent need of the key field, urgent talent supply quality, and promoted the continuing education system innovation and development, improved professional Technical talents provide talent support and intellectual support for the goal of winning the poverty strikes and achieve comprehensive construction of well-off society.

The new round of knowledge update project will focus on the target tasks and strategic priorities determined by the Central Talent Work Conference, close to the development needs of the party and national undertakings, focus on building first-class technology leading talent and innovation team, focusing on building a large-scale young science and technology Talent team, cultivate a large number of outstanding engineers and professional technical backbone, accelerate the self-cultivation of talents, improve talent supply capacity, and achieve strong people’s support for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to build a new victory of socialist modern countries. (Editor: Wen Wei, Qinhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.


Hangzhou Industry and Commerce Federation (General Chamber of Commerce) opened the 14th Congress

[Font:] The 14th Congress of the Hangzhou Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce) opened on the afternoon of November 10.

Deputy Secretary of Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Liu Wei attended the opening ceremony and speaking. Chen Hao, deputy director of the Ministry 贵族宝贝mm自荐 of Decree of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, Chen Hao, secretary of the Provincial Industry and Commerce Party Group, Executive Chairman of the General Assembly and the people’s groups of the city, the people’s groups, and the provincial brothers and commercial and trade representatives, respectively.

Chen Xinhua, Minister of the Municipal Party Committee, Minister of the Ministry of Commission, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Secretary-General of the Municipal Committee, Xu Xiaolin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Ding Di, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC, Chairman of the Municipal Industry and Commerce, attended. City leaders awarded the honorary president of the Municipal Chamber of Commerce.

Liu Wei gave a greeting to the congress of the four sets of teams to the General Assembly, expressed greetings to the representatives and the majority of business and business people who fought in the main battlefield of the city, expressed their gratitude to the Provincial Business and Commercial Network for the support of Hangzhou Development and the Work of the Municipal Business and Commerce. He pointed out that after the past five years, the city’s Industry and Commerce is organized under the strong leadership of the municipal party committee and the provincial industrial and commercial joint guidance, fully exerting the bridge bonds, unity and leading the company’s business people to actively participate in the economic and social development and modernization of Hangzhou, and the overall situation The service company has achieved effectiveness, the resolution is contributed, the optimization of the business environment has active, and its own construction has highlights, and the work has achieved new results. Liu Wei pointed out that in these years, Hangzhou’s economic and social development has been in the forefront of the country, and the important contribution to private enterprises is inseparable.

Entering the new stage of development, in-depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the important discussion of private economic development and the important instructions for Zhejiang, Hangzhou, always adhere to the "two unhappy" principles, keeping around "two health" themes To better play the leadership, service, cohesion of the Industrial and Commercial Group, and continue to write a new chapter in the development of Hangzhou Industrial and Commercial Links, and create a new situation in Hangzhou private economic development. Liu Wei emphasized that in-depth study of the spirit of implementing the 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China, and studying the spirit of Xi Jinping’s general secretary to investigate Zhejiang, Hangzhou’s important speech, from the party’s hundred years of history achievements and experience, the strong spiritual power, constantly enhanced "Four Consciousness", firm "four confidence" to achieve "two maintenance". To strengthen the main status of enterprise innovation, actively participate in the construction of major curse platform, promote the depth of 上海水磨会所 digital technology and entity economy, and empower the traditional industrial transformation and upgrading, giving birth to new industries, new formats, new models, in innovation drive, strive High quality development troops.

To take the initiative to take the social responsibility, make full use of policy dividends, grab the demand traction, supply to the first opportunity to create demand, do a good job in enterprise management, while providing quality products, continue in creating employment, poverty alleviation, charity, etc. Make important contributions, strive to become a model of "enrichment" and enrichment, and to interpret the national conditions and responsibility with practical action.

The city’s industrial and commercial will use this transformation as an opportunity to comprehensively 上海虹口全套 improve the ability to shape change, actively explore digital reform major application scenarios, continue to optimize to enterprise services, and strive to solve problems for enterprises, interacting the interactive communication channel, strengthening the Chamber of Commerce Construction, maximize unity and unite the majority of non-civilians, and continuously create a new situation in the development of industry and commerce.


Guanghua Hospital "Elderly Disease Science" was established!

Elderly patients have a look at Changning, November 8th, Shanghai Guanghua Chinese and Western Medicine Combination Hospital is established.The old disease will conduct a special disease for the common cardiovascular disease, elderly cerebrovascular disease, elderly weakness, etc., to the role of screeing and distinguishing for the elderly.Guanghua Hospital Senior Hospital is located on the 3rd floor of No. 3, Yan’an West Road, Yan’an West Road. The department has a technical exquisite, experienced, technical first-class 上海龙凤shlf会员 medical team, and 12 medical staff. It is mainly in the Chinese and Western binding methods.Common diseases, multiple diseases, especially in the treatment of elderly cardiovascular disease, elderly cerebrovascular disease, elderly weakness, senile dementia, hypertension, diabetes, prostatic 上海石泉路kb hyperplasia, older hepatobiliary, spleen and stomach and tumor have accumulated rich experience,The advantages of distinctive specialist technology, and there is also the knowledge and expertise of various systematic diseases in medicine.


Free service residents’ "caravan", "Open" to the middle of Zhongshan Park area!

Zhoujiaqiao Street Convenience "Caravan" into the community service since 2015, actively responded to residential demand, entrust the 上海嘉定300全套2小时 project service party Shanghai Xiya Love Community Service Center constantly adjustment, expand service project, now forming a living service, reservation service, consulting services , Health services, more than 20 categories of goods sold.

"We use affordable prices, exquisite craftsmanship, facilitate residents to create a convenient and efficient living service, making the ‘caravan’ to get the general welcome of residents.

"The relevant person in charge of the Hiye Love Community Service Center" said.

Not only that, the street actively attacked the site resources, and opened up a service position in Zhongshan Park District Community Living Service (Convenience Road), the Ministry of Community Park, No. 658, Wuyi Road, a total of 13 communities, etc., Basic Meet the daily needs 上海龙凤shift of residents.

At the same time, relying on the service position of the convenience of the convenience, through the convenience of the "caravan" direct service, the elderly living service, etc., covering the residential area from the community living service center, helping the streets to build a 15-minute community lock up". Zhongshan Park Area Community Life Service Center, a standing project (working day all day) service time (9: 00-11: 00) afternoon (1: 30-3: 30) Service content 1, haircut 2, repair shoes 3, measurement, sewing 4, size appliance repair 5, measure blood pressure, Chinese medicine physiotherapy 6, glasses cleaning 7, household maintenance tool free rental, special item 1, cutting (every Tuesday 8: 30-11: 00) 2, green Plantation sale and consultation (3: 30-11: 00) 3, sharpened knife (2: 00-4: 00 in the afternoon) (Source: Shanghai Changning) (Editor: Tang Xiaoli, Han Qing) sharing Many people see.


2020 last month: maintain a good attitude, to make life Live Flesh

In December, 上海浦东桑拿按摩水磨 the wind and snow fall, short days and cold days more. In the last month of 2020, peace with the past farewell, happy to meet new beginning, to get past the past, let the future come – tomorrow will be better.

Some people say: "Men are happy, that happiness heart." Man’s mind, is to control the destiny of life helmsman. Many times we affect the environment in which the life of not only, but their mentality. Lottery versa.

The majority of Lottery friends in peacetime lottery to maintain a good attitude, rational lottery, lottery healthy, fun lottery, rather than become a burden to make the lottery of life. Not blind comparisons lottery is a game of chance, lottery friends do not always envy other people hit the jackpot, but also prior to his winning investment and insist on; do not blindly follow the trend to buy beyond their affordable range;上海闵行区419spa refrain consider buying the greater the number, the greater the probability of winning, each winning probability is constant and does not change with the increase in purchases. To maintain a good attitude lottery, lottery a note to gossip, to stand and Welfare Choi Friends thirty-two conversation, both physically and mentally entertaining and make friends. Sometimes a few dollars in a small prize, give little grandson to buy a lollipop, and if the big point of the awards, called home purchase large pieces.

Not competition, understand contentment, life will be happy happy.

However, some degree of anxiety Lottery numbers selected for their friends feel very mysterious, if people want to look at his numbers, it will show very nervous; even buy a ticket at what time and by whom a ticket has a lot of "good" ; also some lottery for themselves, "insisted lottery" for many years but never showed any awards, but worried, sleepless nights.

As everyone knows, these states will increase their own serious psychological burden, to make themselves over time become anxious, not conducive to the cultivation of normal color play mentality.

Relax lottery, do not over-anxious, trouble, and from another perspective lottery, the lottery are as every public, every little bit of their own contribution, can be the embodiment of "Welfare Community Chest" for the beleaguered people sent to the warmth, but also a psychological comfort. Lottery friends not blindly complain some period of time after playing the lottery, because they do not win, you begin to doubt the authenticity of the lottery, lottery and others chatted on Lengyan sum; or see the news awards, himself nothing, Heart resentment , they complain about the unfair fate. Life is not perfect because your complaints and difficulties because you will not complain and sue to stop, prizes will not be because you come and complain, so complaining is futile.

Better to put the flat state of mind, feel the light of life. As we all know, the lottery’s charm lies in equality, is unknown.

The prize is a small probability event, lottery need to put right state of mind, you can make some effort to try and gain jackpot, but do not put all hopes are pinned on the lottery, lottery fun on this matter, happiness is well, no need to insist, maybe one day will harvest a pleasant surprise.

Do not belittle some huge lottery prize lottery obsessed times and betting attention, the result will inevitably fall, thus doubt their ability and luck, leading to feelings of low self-denial.

This lottery thing, do not be afraid to fail, to know how timely adjustment of status and mentality, and color can be more friendly exchanges with the master station around, to change the way lottery, try different color types, allow yourself to re-establish confidence. Money does not equal 上海闵行桑拿水磨会所happiness, it is important to enjoy the process of lottery expectation, surprise and satisfaction. So do not go too fancy results, not sell ourselves short, but should pay attention to adjust the attitude of the lottery, remained optimistic.

2020 last month, down unhappy past, let the heart to zero, rest their status, and then move on. Let the lottery of life, not because winning lottery gains and losses of any changes, to maintain "Rain or shine, indifferent composure" mentality, life is full of fun and surprises.

In December, we would like to have something to do, there is food on the table, have something to talk about, there are color available, something to look forward, to live with Live Flesh, let the years become gentle lingering, to be a happy person.