Pubei County Buddhism Village: Commend the new articles of advanced trees

Pubei County Buddhism Village: Commend the new articles of advanced trees

"Thanks to the villagers and organizations, I will use this as a new startup, continue to develop industries to achieve income and consolidate and consolidate the poverty reduction, and strive to continue to do practical things, good things, good things, and contribute to the village of Village, the village.

"Won the" 2020 Excellent Villagers "in Qinzhou City, Pubei County, Pubei County, Pujiang Town, Poor Tongbao, is pleased to say at the time of the award. On March 19th, the Wuxin Village of Beitong Town, Pubei County held a 2020 excellent village, village group Long and village cadres commended the conference, and the three excellent villagers of Zhang Dai, who had been prominent, and Xu Du Chang and other two excellent village cadres were commended.

It is reported that through this commendation activities, play the leading role of excellent models, creating a direction, rushing, striving to be a strong atmosphere of model, further promoting the effectiveness of the consolidation of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and promotes the harmonious development of Buddhism. Xu Wanjie, the first secretary of the village, explains the optimism of the outstanding villagers, excellent villagers and excellent villages of Buddhism in the meeting, and expect everyone to inherit the fine tradition of the red village, promote the righteousness, and tell the Buddha’s new story. Do a good job in the consolidation of the Vincun Village to consolidate the effectiveness and accelerate economic and social development.

"I hope that I am commended to cherish the honor, guard against arrogance, make persistent efforts, and create new achievements; all villagers should use advanced as role model, be brave enough to open up, to make a more active posture and style to promote Buddha new development Stairs.

"The Buddhist Village of the Village, the director, the director. (Zhang Jun, Wu Da Li).