Russia successful test "sovereign internet" get rid of the dependence on overseas nodes

Russia successful test "sovereign internet" get rid of the dependence on overseas nodes

After trying to build a sovereign Internet, Russia officially announced that the test has been completed, "Russia’s network service can still be effectively operated after the global Internet." Reuters invited the vice president of the Ministry of Communications, Vice Minister of Communications, said that "our goal is to provide uninterrupted Internet services in any case in Russia.

The results of this assessment indicate that government agencies and communication operators have been effective and should be prepared to ensure the effective operation of Internet and communication. "He revealed that this test is carried out on a specified network.

On November 1 this year, the bill aimed at building Russian sovereignty is officially effective. It stipulates that Russian Internet infrastructure will gradually get rid of the dependence on overseas nodes in the future, especially when suffering from external attacks, Russia can cut off the connection with the outside world, independent "Regional Internet" in the operation.

For this purpose, Russia will build a system where the domain management system in the territory is stored and acquired network address and domain name information.

Reuters said that Russia this is a "aggressive" for US national network security strategies. Li Yi, chief researcher, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Internet Research Center, told reporters on the 24th that Russia’s sovereignty, the sovereignty, is a defense initiative for US cyber attacks. The domain name system is a key infrastructure for the Internet. Within the current IPv4 system, there are only 13 new root servers in the world, including 10 in the United States, all one of the United Kingdom, Sweden, Japan, all root servers are unified by the US government authorized Internet domain name and number allocation agency ICANN.

Russia has been worried that if the US cuts off Russia and domain root server, it may cause Russian Internet to "turn loss" around the world.

Li Yi said that if it is therefore "broken network", the Russian user may not be able to access the server in foreign websites, cross-border e-commerce, news information acquisition, finance, etc. will be affected. However, Li Yi said that all countries have realized the importance of domain name root servers, including Russia, China’s multi-country, have established a domain name root server, which guarantees that the user does not need to rely on root server when visiting the website. In addition, Russia is also striving to build a domestic domain name management system, requiring domestic operators, Internet companies, etc., such as national files, which can reduce the impact of breaking network.

"But when I disconnected, everything didn’t happen, and I didn’t think so simple." Li Yi said, "If foreign Internet companies are influenced by national will, the directional cut-off service, Russian users will still be able to log in to specific websites" .

The United States is being challenged to the domain of domain name root servers, and the "Snowman Plan" "Snowman Plan" is underway based on the new technology architecture.

As of 2017, the "Snowman Plan" has completed 25 IPv6 servers worldwide, and 4 of them were deployed in China.

Li Yi said that with the advancement of the "Snowman Plan" in the IPv6 era, the global network governance will present a dispersion trend, and the United States will no longer be able to solve the power, and web governance will be more and more fair and more transparent. (Editor: Intern (Zhang Lan), Chen Yu) share let more people see.