Sanjin History: "Who is" the narrow road to meet the brave "?

Sanjin History: "Who is" the narrow road to meet the brave "?

More than ten years ago, the TV series "Bright Sword" has been popular, and the "narrow road meets the brave" is profound.

The "narrow road meets the winners" is from "Historical Records, Lian Po Xiang Xiangru Biography", but this sentence is not from the mouth of Lian Po and Xiang Xiang, but is from the mouth of Zhao Guozheng Zhao luxury. Zhao Yu, the surname of Zhao’s, famous luxury, Zhao Guo, the eighth country of the East, the Warring States Period. This is the Tianzi, with the rule of law, got the appreciation of the Plain, and recommended him to Zhao Wang, Zhao Wang appointed him to pay taxes in the country.

"The narrow road meets the ball" later, Qin State offensive South Korea, the army stationed in 阏 and (now Shanxi and Shun). Zhao Wang called, first asked that the owner would be inexpensive, and then ask the departure. The generals are referred to in the road, and they are not willing to lead the soldiers to save. Only Zhao is only a narrow, and there is a long-distance risk, and there are two mice in the hole, win the brave. " So Zhao Wang sent Zhao to rescue.

阏 阏 奢 西 出 出 里 里 即 即 即 垒 垒 垒 垒 垒 垒 垒 垒 垒 垒 垒 垒 垒 象 象 象 难 象 象 垒 象 象 垒 垒 料 料 料 使 使 使 料 料 料 料 料Taking Zhao Jun as a weak.

After that, he rate the military in two days and arrived at the distance and 50 miles, and pretended to capture the Beishan Highlands, with an advantageous terrain to start counterattack, defeated Qin Jun, solve the surroundings. After Zhao Xiaoyin was blocked, and it was as good as in the same way.