Use technology to help the old Liaoning Dandong to create a "digital life" for the old community Liaoning’s old change weekly

Use technology to help the old Liaoning Dandong to create a "digital life" for the old community Liaoning’s old change weekly

Anshan: The Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress conducted special inspections on the renovation of old community on October 12, the Standing Committee of the Anshan Municipal People’s Congress conducted special inspection of the old town of Anshan City.The inspection group found the progress of the renovation of old communities such as Netong District, Tiexi District, Tiexi District, Tiexi District, Tiensishan District, Tiexi District, and listened to the work of relevant departments.

The inspection group affirmed the renovation of the old community in Anshan City, and pointed out that the old community transformation is a major people’s livelihood project to meet the beautiful life of the people and promote the high quality of economic and social development.

All relevant departments should put the specific action of promoting old-neat cells as "I do practical things for the masses", and use your heart to do good things, do things, practical; be tightly scheduled, meticulously organize implementation, strengthen supervision and management, Ensure that the old community renovation project is created into the people’s assured project, satisfied with the project. Anshan · Haicheng: With the new change "Heart" old community turned into a happy port ", the water is not blocked. Everyone is in the heart. This year can live a smooth sustain year!" Looking at the spacious road at home, Anshan Sea The residents of the Chenglingshuang Street, the streets of the city are sincere. Just a year ago, this road is still another look: the road muddy, as long as a resident in the community is difficult, then stepped into the mud pit, when he doesn’t pay attention, it will prevent the passive vehicle at any time. Possible mud water splashes. What makes everyone a headache is that the water pipeline here is often blocked, smoked and blocked, recycled … Let everyone have no choice but annoyed.

In August 2020, the rumor new village was listed as the old town renovation project of Haicheng City, with a total investment of more than 2.3 million yuan, and the area is 19,490 square meters.

The first task of construction team started by the Sea City Housing and Construction Bureau is to solve the problem of water in the new village of Wilderness.

The 1214-meter sewage pipe network is landing, in order to meet the people’s needs, it has also increased a septic tank.

The original road also re-implemented a 1904 square meter asphalt cover, a new asphalt pavement 6452 square meters, a new plaques and pavement tiles were also fully equipped. The road passed, people’s hearts, looked at the environmental changes, many residents began to safely protect the community environment, original rainy, sunny back street streets, ghouned, new vitality. Wilderingzin New Village is not only new, 5 new charging piles, 2 large door stoppers, more of the infrastructure files to upgrade, gather a lot of popularity.

This is just a microconger of the old town of Haicheng, and the Renling Zi Xin Village also has also been transformed with Fuqiang Community, Garden Garden Community, Fugui Community, Regal Community, Xinhua Three Groups, Heli Community, Fangcao Home, Mobao A total of 71 buildings in the community, benefiting 3647 households. These old communities totaled 8577 square meters of asphalt roads in these old communities, asphalt covered by 12480 square meters, newly built brick roads 13425 square meters, newly built water 2400 meters, new toothstone 3697 meters, new sewage inspection well 182, replacement of 293 sets.

The total construction area is 10,000 square meters, with a total investment of 4.5 million yuan.

Starting from the reorganization, the Haicheng opened the new journey of the national civilized city, from the old community to renovate this people’s livelihood project, humanized details, not only enhance the hard strength of creating civilized cities, but also pass the sea city city The temperature of the development, let the residents living in the old community, feel the comfort of the housing, and make the civilized creation work to the door of the masses, and do the people ‘s hearts.

Dandong · Yuanbao District: Old Community Science and Technology helps the old to build "Digital Life" smart gas meter used the latest technology of the Internet of Things, microelectronics, the biggest feature is wisdom, convenient, can realize automatic meter reading, automatic upload, gas workers Don’t pay meter reading, users can pay for online payment methods such as WeChat, Alipay, which greatly facilitates home elderly and disabled. A few days ago, 1366 smart gas meters in the residents of Jinhai Yongan Garden Community in Yuanbao District, Dandong City, 150 smart water meter installations were completed.

During the renovation of the old community in Yuanbao District, Dandong City, with "Science and Technology to help the old, intelligence and free, Hui pension", to create a "smart community, digital life".

In order to facilitate the lives of the people, especially the new situation, the elderly home pension service is adapted to the empty nest, and the Yuanbao District Government cooperates with Liaoning Sikai Technology Co., Ltd., which is funded by the government, and the gas company installation. For Jinhai Yongan Garden Community, the residents are installed, and the smart gas meter community is fully covered, and the smart water meter covers special groups such as disabled people and living alone. During the renovation of the old community, Yuanbao District gradually promoted the Internet of Things intelligent gas meter, water meter installation project.

In addition to the normal air metering function, the newly installed smart gas meter is damaged by the gas hose, and forgetting the valve, it can also perform automatic judgment, alarm, and automatic valve to avoid accidents. At the same time, the smart gas meter has intelligent monitoring function, that is, when the amount of gas is not enough within 24 hours, the system will judge that the old man has an abnormality, automatically issues an early warning to the community staff and the children of the elderly, not only to view the payment for the gas fee. Also add a security guarantee to life. Huludao · Lian Mountain: Old Community Reconstruction Warm Heart Recently, the representative of Huludao Lian Mountain Chemical Street staff gave a banner to the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau, and contributed to the contribution of the Housing and Construction Bureau in the renovation of the old community in the old community grateful. On the morning of October 8, the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau received two banners sent by Mountain Chemical Street.

The two units have held a symposium to consolidate the "last kilometer" in the old community.

12 communities in the mountains and chemical streets were transformed in 2020. Before the renovation, the community infrastructure is missing, aging, internal for a long time, road potholes are uneven, bringing a lot of inconvenience to residents.

The staff of the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau held a symposium, listening to the suggestions of representatives, communicating with the construction party, rationally formulated the renovation plan, and promoted the renovation of the old quarters in the 2020. Today, through a series of improved modifications, the old community infrastructure aging, environmental dirty, and the residents’ happiness index also enhanced in the transformation.

(Source: Liaoning Daily, Anshan Daily, Huludao Civilization Network, etc.) Editor: Liu Yang.