Tibetan medical experts: Tibet Traditional Tibetan Medicine is constantly evolving in the inheritance

Tibetan medical experts: Tibet Traditional Tibetan Medicine is constantly evolving in the inheritance

  On July 15th, in Beijing, the United Nations Human Rights Council 44th Session ‘Cloud Club’: ‘Tibetan Cultural Inheritance and Religious Belief’ International Video Seminar, China Tibetan Research Center Tibetan Medicine Research Institute The inheritance and development of the Tibetan Temple of Jijina, Zsheren Temple, Sharing the development of Tibetan medical penetration in Tibet Autonomous Region, reflecting the gratifying situation of China’s overall flourishing.

  Introduction to Robsi, Zashunbuji Jijina 嘎 藏 医院 医院 医院 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 医 学 学 学 学 医 医 学 学 学 学 学 医 医 医 医 医 学 学 学 学 医 学 学 学 学 学 医 医 学 医 学 医 医 医 学Vigorously support, the hospital achieved unprecedented development. At present, the hospital is based on Tibetan medicine treatment, combined with Chinese medicine and Western medicine, not only introduced modern medical equipment such as B-ultrasound, CT, ECG, but also in the Tibetan Medicine, and the Tibetan Pharmaceuticals established is also based on the "four medical" Combine clinical experience, absorbing modern technology method preparations.

Now, Zashlun Temple Temple Hospital has developed a modern integrated Tibetan Medicine Hospital that combines medical, scientific research, pharmaceutical, and continuing education. In addition, the Zashunbu Temple Temple Hospital also hides an important Tibetan medical book such as "China Tibetan Medicine Photocopying Ancient Books".

The hospital has established the Tibetan Medicine Culture Center, established a Tibetan Medical Museum, not only protects and inherits the traditional Chinese culture, but also understands the Tibetan medicine culture, promoting the development of the Tibetan medicine plays an important role. Rob Zei said, "These precious ancient books have played an important role in the excavation and inheritance of Tibetan medicine. Traditional Tibetan medicine in Tibet is constantly inheriting and promoting, in the inheritance.

"The development of the Zashun Temple Temple Hospital condenses the hearts of the masters of the class Zen, inheriting national culture, serving people’s health, and actively protecting excellent Tibetan medicine culture, and cultivating medical talents play a special role. "Director of the Chinese Tibetan Research Center History Research Institute, researcher Zhang Yun believes that the successful transformation of traditional Tibetan medicine represented by the Zashun Temple Temple Hospital, let traditional Tibetan medical inheritage present new hopes, provided development Broad prospects. (Editor: Hao Jie, Diejidong).