This flag: leading Longgang struggled to build a modern international innovation Shenzhen eastern center

This flag: leading Longgang struggled to build a modern international innovation Shenzhen eastern center

  On the morning of September 29, the Seventh Congress of the Dragongen District, the Communist Party of China closed. In the next five years, Longgang will accelerate the construction of "innovating Longgang, Eastern Center, Industrial Highland, Happy Home", and firmly implement the "one-core diological multi-point" regional development strategy, struggling to build a modern international innovation Shenzhen eastern center.

  Future, Longgang District used three "to then", carefully painted the future development of grand blueprints, Chang Xi Longgang beautiful tomorrow, whether it is a "Pearl" in Guangdong, Macau, with global influence Gathering, scientific and technological innovation strategies, or poetry, poetry, and is expected. Standing in a new historical starting point, embark on the path of the new test.

Longgang District will lead the red party flag, smell the chicken dance, the day and night, the wind and rain are unimpeded, strive to develop the reform of the progress, and strive to lead the troring of the first demonstration, strive to attack the bungers, strive, stronger The struggle, struggling to write a new chapter of Longgang Reform and Development.

  ■ "This Flag" introduction To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Shenzhen Longgang District organizes the creation of songs "this flag". The work is written by the word writer, Tang Yuecheng, the director of the China Phonet Association, the Director of the China Tele-League Music Art Center, the national first-class composer bear latitude, with the distinctive "party flag" in the eye, to vividly reflect the brilliant Chinese Communist Party The vocal language is the lyrics, with the aria-stamped special slot, clever "International Song" "My Motherland" music element, constructing the aesthetic mechanism of imagination, has formed a lyric song of the air, and the singing family stone relying on Deduct, fully express the meaning of endless and devout, the ideal pursuit of unswerving, and the meaning of passionate praise.

The work has been included in Shenzhen to celebrate the foundation of the party’s 100-year outstanding original song. ■ "This Flag" lyrics this flag, thin, but rushing through the mountains. Your strength, where to come from, the mass uses both hands to lift you. This banner, top-standing, thousands of fists tell a truth. Your belief is here, just reunited for a difficult nation.

Take you close to you, hold you, bright flags, soft flags.

Raise you, follow you, soft flag, bright red flag.

The heavens and the earth opened by the sickle hammer, and the spring surfacked rainfall.

The flag, the applause, and more wind and rain have witnessed a miracle.

Your hopes, the people are happy, to make China and the world love each other.

Take you close, hold you, the magnificent flag, warm flag. Raise you, follow you, warm flag, magnificent flag. The children of Wanshui Tung Mountain will be unswerving. (Editor: Li Lang, Chen Yizhu) Sharing let more people see client downloads.