Relax, indoor exercise

Relax, indoor exercise

In concentrated medical observation point, Chen Shuntun Middle School Division East Lake Bay Campus Student Exercise Body Central Medical Observation Point is "small guest" to prepare meals and snacks Chen Jinglun Middle School Division East Lake Bay Campus Student, home Isolation During the Internet class November 1 Changping District’s 5-person nasopharyngeal swab was detected by 4 people, and the nucleic acid detection of nucleic acid detection was in the Huadian Experimental Primary School Chaotian Campus. .

The Chaoyang District immediately launched the emergency response mechanism and established the on-site temporary headquarters, which was strictly placed in the night.

In the first time, it was carried out in-depth development and nucleic acid testing, strictly implementing prevention and control measures such as home and centralized observation, health monitoring, and the students, teachers, and accompanying parents, a total of more than 50 people have been arranged in Chaoyang District concentrated medical observation points. Isolation observation in 21 days.

According to the latest nucleic acid testing on November 2, 1329 samples in Donghuwan campus were collected by Chen Shundun Middle School, and the nucleic acid test results were negative.

208 points of the acquisition environment, the nucleic acid detection result is negative. The speech detection and teachers and students of Huadian Experimental Primary School are also negative. Isolated observation period "The first lesson" to talk about "Our mathematics class is to talk about the ‘fractal mixed operation’ …" At 8 o’clock in the morning, a centralized medical observation point in Chaoyang District, Chen Jinglun Middle School The second grade of the East Lake Bay Campus is 7 classes to open the "first lesson" in the observation period.

"The child’s body and emotions are very normal. Before the start of the network, he seriously prepared a computer, learning materials, etc., attitude is very active, we are also very practical." Through phone connection, accompany your child in the observation point to concentrate on A parent told Beijing Youth Daily.