Ruisi, Zhejiang: Look at "Zhejiang" to achieve leapfrog development in Qingshan green water

Ruisi, Zhejiang: Look at "Zhejiang" to achieve leapfrog development in Qingshan green water

  The mountains bring unique resources, and it has hindered the development footsteps. Over the years, these mountainous counties have been promoted to economic advantages to economic advantages, accumulating the special industries such as agriculture and forestry, cultural, ecological industries, but there are also short plates that have insufficient potential release, and green development is not sufficient. Analysis shows that 26 counties in Zhejiang Mountains and Netherlands, Switzerland have similar geographical environment and ecological environments. Drawing on the development experience of advanced countries, find the power of the industrial development, choose the right, green, and vast industries that have broad industries. Grab the opportunity, Zhangzhou decided to jump out of the old road of traditional urban development, revolve around the "four provinces’ marginal central cities" goals, "bridgehead" in the development of beautiful economy and digital economy; Lishui aims at "Poems Zhejiang Garden Most Beautiful Core Area" positioning Construction of the city of Lianqing, the core belt, Suongsong Village Revitalization, Dragon, Longqing Classic Wencheng, Yunjing Specialty, Falling District, etc. "A belt three districts", promote the green industry iteration upgrade … Internet, big data, Artificial intelligence and mountain "same box" seem to have a violation, but with 5G and other technologies widely used, the digital economy has broken through the time and space limit, the Internet "big factory" is indeed from "cloud" into the mountain.

There is a voice that is confused, these Internet "big factories", industry "big cattle" or other head companies, can you grow in the mountains? However, the answer is certain. Today, the word "big factory" has become the hot words in Mountain County.

"Shen Xian is gathered on the bank, the academician gathering innovation.

"This is the two sentences in the Chinese Academy of Engineering Money Qi Tiger, the poems, and the first batch of Taizhou (Xianju), one of Zhejiang Academician,".

"Big Coffee Collection" blows in the mountain county, and colleges and universities are frequently unveiled in the mountains. Not long ago, the seniors of a European major group received a survey report: in the production and sales base of 34 countries and regions around the world, the staff satisfaction is the highest satisfaction, is located in the Yunyun County base in the mountainous area of ??Zhejiang Province. "We will continue to play an existing advantage, enhance the appeal of the factors such as market, capital, talents, and systemically promote innovation and empowerment, digital communication, and explore the innovation comparison advantage.

"For the future, the relevant person in charge of Zhangzhou is full of period. This is also the common expectation of 26 counties in the mountains.